Thursday, April 3, 2008

Boot Camp is officially over!!!

Now don't that the wrong way! I loved every minute of training all my gals, BUT I am not a morning person! Both Monday night and last night I did not sleep at all. In getting up extra early, I have to nap during the day, which makes me feel so lazy. Tuesday morning I totally forgot to bring a diaper bag for LAndice while I was working for two hours. Is it insane to ask a 13 month old not to poop during that time?! YEs, I know it is! But we managed only to find out that when Joshua took the trash out that morning he also threw away his breakfast and lunch that he had put in a target bag. Crazy I tell ya...I think I am loosing it! Last night I went to bed at 9:30 not feeling all that great and at 11:30 I was still awake! I tried everything...reading my book, time with the hubby, lay there trying to think of specific memories from a long time ago(instead of counting sheep), I even pulled out my cell phone to play bejeweled, which has not sound control, so I woke Joshua up. Oops! He wasn't too happy and what he didn't know was that I was recording him snoring for 10 minutes before that. We couldn't find the volume so I put that away and hopped on the computer to read blogs. Weolll, that didn't go over so well when I was watching a video of Mia Lashley and the volume on the computer was apparently too loud for Joshua too. He came saying "You are driving me crazy!" So I decided to find a quieter game of solitaire to which he made fun of me for playing it standard one card draw. He said I was a cheater and I didn't take that very well. He only beat my score by a couple hundred. So I decided to go back to bed for a fitfull night of sleep to have crazy pregnancy dreams. I think today is going to be a wonderful day...Don't you?!

All in all I have learned something in these past three months...if my body has not adjusted by now it probably is best for me to pass on the torch to Miguel. Not problem here!