Sunday, April 20, 2008

Hurray! No Accidents Today!!!

Today marks our first successful day of no accidents. Corban even woke up from his nap dry. I know we are not all the way there yet, but this is so exciting. Only 5 days into his potty training, we have experienced some pretty intense times.

Day 2 - Went much better but he still pooped his pants.
Day 3 - Same thing but this time at the park and he was upset because we had to leave.
Day 4 - We toted his potty around in the back of the van to soccer games, lunch, and to Mathis Brothers where we then had an accident in the kids bedroom area. We then learned that taking the kids with us to shop for furniture was not going to be in our near future again.
Day 5 - We are running out of "unders" and thankfully we only used one pair today! HE made it through Bible Class and church...WHEW!!! Gran and Gramps watched the kids so we could go back to the furniture store for some peaceful shopping. He did great!

I have to say that I never thought I would be having this conversation...EVER!!!

ME: Go poopoo Corban and you can get down.
Corban: I go. It's all gone.
ME: Well, you went peepee, but you need to go poopoo.
Corban:Grunt, Grunt, Grunt It's muddy Mommy!
ME: No, Corban you only went potty, you didn't go muddy.
I then realize that maybe I should use his terminology.
ME: Corban, do you need to go muddy? If you go muddy in the toilet we will buy you a toy at the store.
Corban: Okay! GRunt, Grunt, Grunt. I did it.
Well, folks he did. Only it was the size of a pea. No matter the size he got his toy. Salty, the train!!!


Lesley said...

YAY corban!!! Thomas the Trains got Canton through potty training too!

Karla said...

Both of my girls had trouble learning to poop. You would think it would be easy but actually it is much harded than learning to pee. On time in a fit of frustration I called the Dr. to get advice and the nurse told me that your feet have to be on the ground in order to learn how to contract those muscles. So if Corbin is on the big toilet he will need some kind of stepstool to put his feet on. Hope this helps.

You are doing great - mostly it is just living thru it!!