Monday, July 7, 2008

Corban is 3! I can't believe it!

Blowing out his candles

Birthday Pancakes

Birthday "Firecracks"

Cupcakes at Bible Class

Yes, here is where I get all sappy about my first born child aging on me too quickly! I, however, am not aging as quickly (wink, wink)! Corban is such a joy to us. He has been telling us all week when his birthday is and how old he will be. Well, when he actually turned 3 he decided he is still 2. We will work on that. Corban is so full of energy, questions, "no's", laughs, and love. He is really a sweet boy when he isn't making his friends cry at his birthday party. In all honesty, he is a sweet boy. He went down for his nap crying today because he couldn't give his sister a kiss (she was already in bed...did not want to disturb her). He is already a pretty good negotiator. He will say "How about..." or "Let's try this instead..." or "I'll obey now..." when he conveniently doesn't want to do something. He is so smart. He watched his Papaw start up his push lawn mower and Corban was able to start the thing within minutes. He loves being a helper, especially when it comes to cracking eggs. He has learned to help try to calm his sister down when I decide to just ignore her tantrums. It is amazing how from such a young age boys learn to keep girls mildly happy if they want to survive...or keep their hearing. I love that he says "Hold you Mommy" instead of "hold me." I love that he has such a sense of adventure. Everyday he wakes up saying "Where we going Mommy?" I do appreciate that he has an opinion, however, I will say sometimes I would like to go back to the days of grunting. I really can't believe 3 years has flown by and he has grown to know so much about God. His favorite song is Jesus Loves Me. He told me this morning that he needed to hug his blanket because "I just love it so much!" He had such a big smile when he said it too! His favorite place to eat is "Jason's Jelly." It is the only place you can eat eggs and ice cream apparently! I love his hugs and his random "I love you's" that aren't wanting something. Well, let's just face it folks you know can't help but swell with pride as you watch you child grow, you can't help but let your heart ache as they learn more independance, you can't help but smile when they wake up poopy saying "I am yucky, poopy. We don't eat poopy. We eat strawberries!" You can't help but cry when they choose to disobey and you have to punish them. You can help but dream about what they will become. You can't help but wish only the best. You can't help but hope they will know and love the Lord all of their life! I love you Corban!