Sunday, October 5, 2008

These first three pics are of the kids running off the "ranch" (which really means ramp) into the water. Corban likes to stick the pillow under the edge of the carpet.

My sweet Landice is rockin it out at 8 AM with her bowl of cheerios...she ran out so she decided to stick her spoon in her belly button.

Here is how I found Hayden after Corban runs in to tell me that Hayden was poopy and he changed him.

Tons of grape tomatoes from our monster plant that you can see behind the kids.

Big smiles from Hayden!

I found all of Corban's trains in his laundry basket. When I asked him why they were in there he replied, "Cause they're dirty Mom!"


ME said...

Girl knows how to eat her cheerios! Love it :) About the spoonfeeder thingie...Haley passed it down to me. I probably wouldn't have gone out and bought it. Not that impressive to me. I find a regular baby spoon is easier. But some people really love it.

BoggsWifeNMom said...

Oh my how your kids are growing so fast! Hayden is such a ham :-) What a bunch of cute kids! And you're looking really good!