Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Shout out to Single Parents and Working Mom's

This week I barely experienced some inconveniences of what it is like to not stay at home with my kids all day. First of all, on Monday's I usually go to the gym then head to Crest to grocery shop, then go home feed kid's lunch, put away groceries, etc. We had a fun play date this Monday instead and the kids decided to go swimming in the Tuggle's kiddie pool that was full of rainwater, sand, and leaves. They were so wet that Corban and Landice had to borrow Nadia & Calista's clothes. Corban looked hilarious in Nadia's pants (little short and snug)! (Tonya, it was a lot of fun and the kids were still talking about it later! Thanks for having us over). So instead of the grocery store I went home to feed them lunch and put them down for naptime. I decided to get a babysitter so I could go to the grocery store at 5ish. Wow...I was in for a shock. I am not used to battling just to get down an isle, or feeling like I can't look at my coupons for fear I am blocking someones view from a million angles. I was so thankful I did NOT bring my kids with me. Second, yesterday I was asked to come speak to the Freshmen at Edmond Memorial High School about Drinking and Driving. In order to make this happen, I had to prepare lunches, bags, pump & supplies, lay out clothing, make arrangements to get the kids to and from school, as well as drop Hayden off and meet him during lunch break to feed him. All of this said, I could not have made any of this happen without Joshua's, my Aunt Zina, and Joshua's parents pitching in to help. I can't imagine trying to do all of that on my own or every day. So...all you working Mom's and single parents out hat is off to you...I applaud you for your dedication and hard work to do the things you need to do just to survive everyday and take care of your family. These two instances are by no means near what you deal with everyday, but it was enough to open my spoiled eyes to the blessings I have and have taught me to not grumble about my situation. Thank you!


Tonya Tuggle said...

haha. again, i am so sorry about the rain water pool. where does everyone else store their baby pool in the winter? i would honestly like to know...

Elizabeth Mullins said...

Ours is floating around the back yard some where too! WE had a blast! Hope to see your baby soon