Monday, December 29, 2008

Ho Ho Hum...Dr. Stephen's here we come!

This happens everyday...

But this does not:

Daddy: Corban, does your throat hurt?
Corban: No, I just have food stuck in my throat.
Daddy: Do you need some medicine to make it feel better?
Corban: No, I just drink some water and it feels all better.

Corban: My eye hurts a little bit.
Mommy: We are going to see Dr. Stephens today.
Corban: I don't need to see Dr. Stephens today. The water makes my eye all better.
10 minutes later...
Corban: When we go see Dr. Stephens, maybe I will share my goldfish with him. These two are for Dr. Stephens and the rest are for me.

Took all three kids in with the help of my cousin, Alyx. Corban told me before we left the house that he didn't want to get a shot. So I told him I couldn't promise no shots, but that he could tell Dr. Stephens that he didn't want to have a shot. WEll, he did. While waiting in the exam room Corban fell asleep (snoring even) while Landice picked her nose and tried to jump up the wall to touch a random dot on the wall. Since Landice was awake Dr. Stephen's examined Landice first. He wanted to look at her throat and she sat there with her lips pursed as tight as she could keep them. I couldn't help but laugh. When it came Corban's turn to be looked at he immediately said, "Dr. Stephens, I don't want a shot. Hey, look at my new shoes." Dr. Stephens was deeply impressed. As he went on to listen to Corban's heart, Corban said, "Oh my heart, I love it!" Needless to say this trip to the Doctor was not as painful as I thought it would be, in fact it filled my heart with joy to see my kids even in sickness able to make me smile.


Summer said...

So sorry we missed you - we were just there!

the.fortes said...

How totally hilarious! I miss you guys!