Saturday, January 3, 2009

Boot Camp Update: A few spots open!

Status of Boot Camp training sessions:

Mondays 10 AM -
Terra - pd
Lisa - pd
Kelli - pd
Carolyn - pd
Sada -
Heidi - pd

Mondays 6:30 PM -
Risa -
Darci - pd
Susan - pd
Ashley M. - pd
Mina - pd
Teresa - pd

Thursdays 6:30 PM -
Risa -
Darci - pd
Terra - pd
Susan - pd
Ashley M. - pd
Alyssa - pd
Mina - pd
Ashely B. -
Jala - pd
Amanda -

Thursdays 6:30 Men's Group Training with Miguel -
Joshua - pd
Tim -
Jeremy -
Matt -
Chad -
Travis -

There are still a few spots open and...Miguel is still offering 6 AM classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays...I will make this available to Men or Women since no one has signed up! Payment required(checks made out to TFC) and classes close on Friday January 9th. Dissolved Classes will be announced on this day as well. I hope everyone had a safe and happy New Year!


RachelSoper said...

Hey! This is Rachel (Olson)Soper. I blogstalk. Anyway, I teach a Body and Soul aerobics class 3X's per week and I've taught a 2 week boot camp, but I wouldn't mind coming to one Thursday night boot camp of yours, just to see how anohter is run. Is this possible/allowed? rsoper81 at gmail dot com

Summer said...

ok, i think i have to drop - so sorry! I am training to run the marathon and don't think I can do both.

Elizabeth Mullins said...

Summer, I will drop you from the list...if you change your mind, this class would be a great way to get in some cross training days along with muscular endurance!

Jen said...

Thanks for your sweet comment!! I can't believe that we will have a little one next Christmas! It will be so fun :)