Thursday, March 19, 2009

Random Stories Thursday...because

I have lots of thoughts to share so they might turn into a story or they might decide.

Yesterday while waiting at the Dr. for quite a while, three kids were toted in with a need for X-rays which bumped us back an hour. Aparently, gravity was working very well. Overheard while there:

Screams and yells coming from the patient rooms: "No, I hate shots...waaa...I don't like Dr's either...waaaaa...You tricked me!"
I turned to the rest of the village of kids waiting to be seen and said "I wonder how old that kid is because he sounds like he is older."
One of the parents informed me that there were two brothers in the waiting area before us talking to each other about their visit. The older brother kept telling his younger brother how bad his shots were going to hurt and that he would fine. But, remember they WILL hurt. About 5 seconds later, a boy about 4 years old comes out smiling while a boy about 6 or so is being carried out by his Dad. He was the one getting the shots.

Not sure how I feel about Day School right now. It is nice to get a break while the kids learn at school. Not sure if the timing of Hayden's afternoon nap and feeding schedule is going to survive. I think next year will be a lot different because I can drop all 3 off without having to nurse. Sniff, Sniff...yeah!

Hayden is our last baby. I have been holding that boy so much because I want him to quit growing up so fast. He is cuddly and fun, but I am going to be in trouble in exacly one month when he is crawling and into everything.

"Mommy, don't talk...just feed your brother." Okay, son since singing is now labeled talking and for everyone else's information I do NOT feed my brother. Corban is talking about his brother...I think.

I say I think because Corban has a very active imagination. He has an imaginery grandma who is Grandpa Bracker Brewer who looks like a cowboy and has horses in his front yard. Who also drives a pink car and tells him he can do the opposite of what his Mommy tells him in any given situation. For example,

Me: Corban don't pee on the the floor in the bathroom. You need to aim for the water.
C: Oh! Why?
Me: Because I just cleaned the bathroom and it is gross.
C: Oh! Well, my grandma says I can pee on the floor because it gets all wet and shiny and she doesn't think it gross.
Don't ask what I say next, because it isn't usually full of wise words or entirely make since, but it seems to work for now.

You tell me what I am to say to my 3 year old who says their grandma poops in the tree in our front yard!

I am afraid of pirahnas. One tried to eat me when we were in the lagoon at Cancun one year. Ask Joshua.

I trade out my running shoes every 3 months or rotate 2 pairs every six months. Okay, I used to...not running enough these days and can't afford to feed my kids and still look good running around town. Not complaining...I love my one pair of tennis shoes...

I think this picture is the perfect concoction to add to a 4 day vacation in bed while shipping the kids to the grandparents while one set gets to shuttle MR. Hayden back and forth every three hours to get his daily caloric consumption in.


Natalie Hudkins said...

I know what you mean about nap schedules and picking up from school!
David is into opposites/imagination now too. :)
Cute blog!

Mandy said...

Can I come by and take a look at your stroller and see if it fits the car seat?

the.fortes said...

Yay for Starbucks and chocolate!!! DOesn't that really key Hayden up?