Thursday, March 26, 2009

Random Thoughts Everyday Especially on Thursday!

I have been thinking that I need to rope Gena into taking me to the Asian Market some day soon! I love the smell of fish for sure!

Corban asked me to take a nap today...That NEVER happens!

I have a plant that my BIL Caleb gave me after he was in the hospital almost 4 years ago and it still alive, but it has not grown worries, Hayden watered it for me while I bathed him in the kitchen sink today.

I love suprises, but not ones filled with poop!

I used to be in the band from 6 grade to 9th grade. I played the clarinet and I was in marching band one year too. I was embarrassed about it around my jock friends but now I have a great appreciation for having done it. I can now proudly say I have worn a dicky, squeezed the grape, and had my bell fall off during many practices because my corks were faulty.

My least favorite exercise is mountain climbers.

A random story from Corban:

"Hayden knocked me down and I had to fight him. I went "urggh" and pushed him down and just had to tickle him and he pushed me down and tickled me. That's all I dood (did)...That's my job!"

I sick of us being sick...Off and on over a month, 7 co-pays and 5 anti-biotics later...still sick!

My kids have learned the "M" word. No they already know "M &M's" of course...McDonald's. I had hoped they would never utter those words, but the grandparents sure trumped me on that one.

That's all...


the.fortes said...

Wow, I was a band geek. I actually understood all of your weird terminology! Haha!

rebeckaoneal said...

hey i used to play the clarinet too in 5th and 6th grade and sometimes miss it the only terminology i understood was bell and faulty corks

Newberry said...

I played the clarinet, as well, and Jonathan thinks it's weird that I never talk about it. Maybe it's because people do tend to consider it dorky. I really enjoyed it, though. I enjoyed reading your random thoughts :)