Thursday, March 5, 2009

Tara Hobbs...oh my word...

Let me just tell you really...My friend Tara is awesome! Our first kiddos are born exactly on month apart. We met when we were pregnant - I was HUGE and she looked like she swallowed an olive. We got together all the time for play dates and our kids WILL get married someday...if God wants them to... So much out of my control...I am a little hyper right now because I just finished working out after taking 4 days off because I have been sick. I know, I am going soft. Okay, back to Tara now...we haven't been able to hang out much since our schedules have changed a good bit, but it doesn't that doesn't seem to matter. I can call her when I am having a really rotten "My kids just tore his Bible and said "I'm okay Mom" after I just spanked him" kind of day. She is easy going and laid back but also not afraid to tell you what she thinks. She is good with computers and motivates me to become more computer savvy. She is also good with abacus for ma'am. Anyways, I am done now...have a great day with this lovely weather!


Summer said...

I second everything you said about her - she is awesome!