Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thursday starts with an "R" right?!

Thought this post should start off with a Random and Ridiculous Title!

I don't like flying ants or ants that have wings that look anything close to termite. To tell the difference between the two:

Termites have straight tenticles and skinny abdomens.
Winged Ants have bent tenticles and more junk in the trunk.
Wonder what would happen if either drank some Red Bull.

When all else fails and you absolutely have no dance moves and you want to have a good laugh try spelling your name with your booty! SO FUN!

I think it is time to trim my toe nails when I accidentally catch the middle two on the dishwasher door. I guess my fail proof pedicure of "let my tennis shoes wear them down" is failing me.

I have a new addiction - ribbon.

I love Bed Bath & Beyond because they make bridal registry so much more friendly than Target does, especially on the gift return policies.

This week's favorite snack of mine is Tomato Basil Wheat thins with cottage cheese.

I definitely have frenemies...all of my client's...and I love it!

My body is finally shedding some much needed baby fat and I have found my hip bones again. Now if I could only find my abs after I put in a request for rock hard booty. Bathing suit...nope still not ready for you even though this weather is making me dream of the ocean.

Last night while teaching Bible class and playing with Gideon's army men, I somehow found a way to think of how they were exercising in their plastic poses...yes, I know I am not normal.

I want to challenge everyone reading this post to do a cartwheel for your kids. They will remember it forever...especially if you aren't very successful!