Thursday, May 7, 2009

Random Procrastinating Thoughts

I should be taking a shower seeing that Hayden is napping and I reek from my wonderful walk/jog from Fink Park around Hafer and back...I love finding new paths with nature surrounding. I am always amazed at how my kid's love to ride and listen to the birds and feel the breeze. Hopefully, they will remember this peacefulness that God provides as they grow older and life gets more hectic.

Yesterday, we went to the Tulsa Zoo to see the elephants with my brother, nephew, and parents. We had a great time. I think our OKC elephants missed us because when we were walking away one of them sounded like he had a lion in his belly...maybe he just burped while trying to talk. Who knows?

I am sitting here looking at the bag of Dark Chocolate Peanut M & M's that I may have bought for my MIL and I have possibly given in to their beckoning so that I may survive yet another day of this crazy week. I am so intuned to the divinity of M & M's that I noticed they have started posting the Calories, Daily Values, and how many servings that are actually in a Medium bag on the very front. I wonder if this will help people know what they are putting in their body and cut back a little. Or if they will do as any other law abiding Personal Trainer would do and ignore it and pretend that the whole bag is only 220 calories and nevermind that it is actually 8 servings of 220 calories.

I may also justify the previous thought with "hey, they have protein at least and dark chocolate has more antioxidants than blueberries!" Not really, but I don't really care either!

Don't let the last two thoughts infiltrate your devious minds to let you think you can just sit around and eat chocolate and blame it on me either! Trust me I know how you crazies think (wink)!

I got a sweet card from my friend Kristy today. I am so thankful for great friends. She knew that this week would be full of so many emotions. My youngest brother is getting married :), my brother and nephew are in town from Scotland :), my oldest brother would have been 30 this year on Sunday :(. I know I have talked about him before on here, but if you have ever lost someone or have a friend that has lost someone. The days surrounding their passing are really hard. My brother has been gone for almost 10 years and most of the time God gives me peace and I patch up my tire and the memories keep my tire filled up. But, during this time of year my patch is altogether weakened. It doesn't help that I try to race past all the leakage that I inevitably experience. My family, my friends and the song I have on here have been extreme blessings that God has given me this week.


lisa bialon said...

I've been thinking of you lots this week, and will continue to keep you in prayer throughout the weekend. I know you have a lot going on and lots of memories to sort through. You are a great friend and mean so much to so many! Love ya!

Samantha said...


I hope that things go well this week. I know that Sunday is going to be hard however I also know that Josh will be there for you. I do wish that I had met Ryan because I think that I would have really got on well with him. Have a lovely time on Saturday and please take lots of pictures.