Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day Weekend

Father's Day Weekend was very enjoyable! It started off by Joshua and I going to my 10 year reunion. I graduated from McLoud High School in 1999. I was very impressed with my hubby for engaging people in conversation while he let me catch up with some other people. Normally, he would have been ready to go as soon as we arrived. Thanks babe! You amaze me EVERY DAY!

We went out to MWC to see my Dad for Father's Day. We spent the hot afternoon at Regional Park. The kid's were able to enjoy snowcones, bubbles, hot slides and watching my Dad play indoor soccer! I really enjoy getting to see my Dad interact with his grandkids. Since I did not live with my parents until I was 10, I did not see this side of my Dad. The one who shares his snowcone even if he gets all sticky, the one who carries a heavy kid even though he is already sweating profusely, the one who brings bubbles for the kids to play with. My Dad is an outstanding guy. Most Dad's get 18 years with a child to raise them and teach them how to "do life." My Dad only had 8 years with me, but he was faithful, diligent, patient, honest, hard working, up standing, and loving. I think he did an amazing job considering the task he CHOSE to take on...ME! I am grateful for my Dad and I am so proud of who he is!

Yesterday, we had lunch with some awesome friends who saw that we were at a breaking point with all the stress of moving. They also let us have our dinner over at their house too. Joshua spent his day taking down a playset so our kid's can enjoy it at the new house, he worked on cutting new doors to put in the kid's rooms, and he got up this morning before work and helping with the kid's to paint the doors. My man sets the "Father of the year award" really high. He goes above and beyond. If an improvement needs to be made he won't accept failure or complacency as an answer. I love you babe! I also have my Father in-law & Grand father-inlaw to thank for their wonderful examples they have passed down too. We are truly blessed.


Wa Wa Waughs said...

Hey, I'm impressed that your Dad's still playing soccer!! And I'm proud of your husband and the other Christian husbands supporting each other through life. Some of our fondest memories with other couples were"moving memories!"

Kristy said...

Alex has a new favorite dessert now. He's already asked me to make it. It was so yummy!