Thursday, June 11, 2009

Here goes nothing except for something really random...

My favorite cereal for over 3 months has been Nature's Own Pumpkin Flax Granola Cereal.

I thought of some really random stuff this week, but of course I have forgotten them all so I will probably get even less comments than my usual exercise posts get.

I passed a garage sale on Easy street last week...I think it would be fun to live on Easy ST. Afterall, I did grow up on Triple XXX Circle...I wonder (sadly) how many people will be royally disappointed that this is NOT a porn site, however, I do believe that blogs can possibly the newest addiction & distraction...might need to start a blog recovery group that will help us get back to our own lives :)!

Hayden took his first steps yesterday! Pride and Fear jolted me all at once. The reality of 3 walking, talking munchkins has caused reality to sink in...I am responsible for keeping them that way. I know, I am a little slow sometimes!

Monday at 6:30 am - Landice barfs in her bed - feels fine all day
Tuesday at 3:30 am - Landice barfs in her bed, but it looks like poo - feels fine all day
Wednesday at 3:30 am - Corban barfs all over his Daddy and they have to take a shower because it was so disgusting - He feels fine until swim lessons - He barfs at 9:40am.
Wednesday at 6:57 pm - Landice felt fine all day and barfs all over a parking spot as soon as we get unloaded. All over her shoes, in the diaper bag, I drop my phone and the battery falls out, I flag down Lisa's sister for help, clean them up and take them home to Daddy
Wednesday at 7:30 pm - I finally arrive for WOW - I loved it! Just what I needed!
Wednesday at 8:20 pm - Witness & take pictures of Awesome friends renew their vows and rededicate their lives to each other!
Wednesday at 9 pm - Join them at Orange Tree with the million other yogurt lovin' crazies! Ate two pieces of Chellie's amazing my defense, I didn't eat dinner!

I had hoped the really good random juices would come back to me, but no luck...maybe later!


Gena said...

I'm not disappointed you're not a porn site, and am proud of your random thoughts. I'm glad Greyson didn't get that stomach bug from Landice, but wish he would get it before we head out the door to swimming lessons. That water is freezing.

The 5 Arbuckle's said...

I'm sorry your kids have been sick. It is never any fun.

My husband would agree with you that blogging can be addicting. He would insist that I join your blog addiction group.