Thursday, October 22, 2009

Random House

Words that start with Q can cause quite comical, hilariously, hysterical conversations with BFF thus inspiring new words that start with a V thus inspiring some actions of some sort! If you know what I mean!

Day School + Pilates + Star Bucks = Morning of Bliss

Substituting naptime for Corban with "helper time" was a successful, enjoyable experience most of the time. Expectations are getting more balanced allowing for fullness of joyful times and obvious down times. Took a "chill pill" and it worked!

"Helper time" included Corban helping me clean out my ride. Here is the joy he discovered

along with realizing he could actually suction the shop vac hose to Mommy's booty and then run away, which led to him shooting "fireballs" from his hands at me while I pretended to ward them off with my "air hose."

I know we moved to "Kansas" and all , but seriously. I killed a snack last week. This week this appears in our garage and either a REALLY big cat or a SKUNK was in our garage last night. I am a city girl that loves to actually see the stars at night, but could do without all of the critters.

Captain Corban handed out tickets yesterday transcribed on to do lists. He gave one to Landice while she was throwing a fit on the pot. He said her's was a "trouble ticket." HE turns to give me a ticket while I am dealing with Landice and I shoot him a "you better watch what you are about to say" look, and he says, "Here Mom. This is your ticket. It's called a good job ticket. Cause you're doing a good job." I'll take it!!!

What do you think this is a picture of?

I have officially gone a whole week without my chocolate and extra dessert goodies. Feeling really good. Seeing some results. 21 days to make it a habit...I can do it!


Chellie said...

I think the picture is through the van window.. driving somewhere near your house.. but that's all i got

Natalie Hudkins said...

:) :) ;)

That's my good job ticket for you.

Wa Wa Waughs said...

I can NOT imagine a day without chocolate!

You GO, Girl!

Tara Hobbs said...


I got nothing...

My Baby Boutique said...

My Q word brings me back to Toots at the gym...remember?

My Baby Boutique said...

That's "Toots" as in Susan Myers, not gas. :) ...although there's probably another connection there...

Elizabeth Mullins said...

HAHAHA! Is all I have to say Tara and Sada! Yes, I remember! So funny!

Chellie, you are right, although the white stuff that looks like snow is actually crusted milk...sick!!!

Thanks Natalie! You are my cheerleader! Love you!

Robin, I am hanging by a thread some days, but most I feel really awesome about it!

Gena said...

Love the view of the stars from your neighborhood. Love, love, love. I have no idea what that is a picture of. Is it the white spots on the window, or the background? Do tell.

Tara Hobbs said...

Why did you kill you snack?

Elizabeth Mullins said...

Apparently, that "snack" I killed last week WAS non-venomous, but that still wouldn't have changed the outcome.