Sunday, January 24, 2010

Solomon asked for "Strink & Wisbum"

Our family did not make it worship this morning due to sick babies. After I slept in and got some much needed rest, we had a family Bible Study. Joshua pulled out his Bible Stories book that his teacher gave him when he was Corban's age. He chose to tell the story about Solomon and how he asked for Strength & Wisdom. He told the story of the two women who had babies and one woman's baby had died. The woman who had lost her baby switched babies one night. These two women went before King Solomon to seek Justice. King Solomon did not like how the women were arguing (great lesson for my kid's these days). So, he told his servant to bring him a sword. He said to cut the baby in half so that each woman could have half. The woman who had stole the baby agreed that if she couldn't have the baby then no one could. But, the woman who was the actual mother of the baby couldn't bear to see her baby hurt. She would rather give up her baby than to see it die. So, King Solomon gave the baby back to her because he knew that she was the true mother. Throughout the story Joshua would ask the kid's questions to see if they were paying attention. Here are some of the funny stuff they said:

Daddy: What did Solomon ask for Landice?
Landice: Strink & Wisbum

Daddy: How many women came to Kind Solomon?
Corban: 7

Daddy: The woman didn't want her baby cut in half because it would die.
Landice: We don't want to cut Baby Hayden in half.
Daddy: No, we don't!

Joshua also used a toy in place of the baby to explain what it meant on their level. After he was done, Corban and Landice opened their Bibles to tell their own stories. Here is are their stories:


"Here is my story about Jonah. It is a little different that Jonah and the Big Fish. God told Jonah to trap the Big Fish. But, Jonah did not want to, so he ran away. He got stuck in a nut cruncher with the bad guys. But, the nut cruncher did not work, so he got out. Then, he went and trapped the Big Fish. The END."


"Here is my story about Jonah and the Big Fish (exaggerate the ish part with lots of whooshing noises). Jonah got trapped in the Big Fish (remember lots of whooshing!). Jonah fought the bad guys with his grandma. The bad guys got beat up. The End."


Wa Wa Waughs said...

Tell Josh great job on the Bible class!