Thursday, March 4, 2010

Random Thoughts Thursday

Woke up this morning with three turkeys in my bed. I finally got up and decided to reach down to kiss the oldest one and he pulled out his "shooter" a.k.a. finger gun and poked me in the eye. I immediately grab my eye and fiegn immediate death and he just laughs. See...turkey, I tell ya! And, he got his Daddy last week...shame on me for falling for that quick trigger!

My eye waters like crazy with direct sunlight so I have been wearing a hat and sunglasses all day. I contemplated getting an eye patch to go run my 7.5 miles today. A gal at Pilates class offered to let me borrow hers that has rhinestones on it. I don't think I could quite rock out a rhinestone eye patch as well as she could. But, who knows maybe it would take some attention away from the fro I sportin' this morning!

I am only wearing mascara on one eye today...

Items in my kitchen that I hated to clean, but now I can't live without are:

My blender - It really rocks my world

My wok - I think it is beautiful

My salad spinner - You get a little exercise while using that bad boy...uh huh!

Garlic Press - the aroma from fresh garlic added to a yummy recipe is awesome!

Okay, I'm over kitchen items for now...

I picked up a Runner's World magazine, now I officially feel like a runner! Great articles in there. Especially love the one where it talks about the injured Mommy-runner and how the whole family pays for her inability to complete a run. I also know that Joshua has considered getting a straight jacket for me a few times when I can't run too!

Yesterday, Landice didn't hold me hostage to her need to go poop. Instead, I am her namesake. Actually, she named her poops after me, Joshua, AND herself. She is so thoughtful!

Corban asked if one of our sick friends had "diaperehea" the other day!

Hayden is now putting words together. So cute. He loves the word "no!" He sounds like a meowing cat when he says cute!

Gotta scoot to pick up my kid's and then the cousins...full day...hope you get some sunshine to your Pineal Gland and have a happy, blessed day!


Carolyn Kelley said...

You could always go by the eye doctor & get a pair of those rolled up plastic sunglasses to wear outside on your run if the eye is still light sensitive!!

Gena said...

You are the only person I know that knows what a pineal gland is. Oh yeah, betcha can't name two parts on a violin.... ;)

Wa Wa Waughs said...

well, Gene stole my comment... I have no idea what the pineal gland is either...Google time!