Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What does your 4 year old do during "Quiet Time?"

It's funny how your kid's completely change your routines and it's not until they rock your world again that you realize that you depended upon that schedule to go according to plan. When we only had Corban I kind of dreaded nap time initially. I dreaded it because I felt like I had to be home at the same time so he would get in a good nap. With that said, I have never been a person to turn down opportunities to get out and go places. Until recently. I have very much enjoyed the "country" living and slower pace while still having great neighbors and a sense of community. I found myself depending on nap time to recharge, finish the never ending duties of being a mother, and spend some time blogging. But, since we have moved up north and Corban has given up naps only after many, many attempts on my part that ended in complete frustration and failure did I go to giving him "Quiet Time." Now, when I say "Quiet Time" it is not complete silence devoid of noise and movement. Nope, tried that whole "stay on your bed or you will stay in your room all day" and well, he ended up being in his room all day for many days because I would find him playing in the blinds or rehanging his wall hangings on his brothers side of the room because he didn't like the anymore. So, I have decided that I will give a little on this battle even though with every bone in my body I know that he still needs a nap. Momma still needs him to nap. Seeing that Corban and I are very much alike in many ways, I decided that allowing him to play in the play room "quietly" would suffice so I could maintain some level of sanity. During this "Quiet Time," he honks his horns, he sings his songs, he whistles his trains, he growls at bad guys, he dumps his baskets, he hollers for me to wipe him, he turns on his cd player, to be put plainly and I think you get the picture he basically does everything TOO LOUDLY! This requires several trips up the stairs and I have taken several toys and many days have ended in him having to take a nap anyways. Today, I enjoyed my snack of cottage cheese and frozen peaches and a Fitness magazine while mostly ignoring the not so quiet conductor of "Quiet Time" and this is what welcomed me...

I guess I can't complain too much because these two seem to be able to sleep right through it all!


The McDowells said...

What I do for Macy and Charlie is a naptime chart, I blogged about it before
It is still working good and they don't nap every day, but if they are quiet and in their rooms, I am happy. I need that break on the day and I think they do too! If they go a few days with out getting a stamp then they start to loose things out of their prize box (I fill it with cheapo things like bubbles, candy and other cheap toys, nothing amazing, but it appeals to them.)

Natalie Hudkins said...

Yes- it's much easier if all kids naps at the same time! I have thrown in the towel. David gets about thirty minutes on the computer while I read Drew stories and make sure he is asleep. Then I read David stories and he stays on his bed for another thirty minutes or so.