Saturday, April 24, 2010

PreRace Events

Packet Pickup at OC for Team OC. There are 508 participants this year! Pure Awesomeness!

Neil is so ready to rock this Marathon that he is giving my non-participating yet EVER, OH SO supportive hubby a shoulder rub!

Pasta Lunch at Lawson Commons

My cool Father in-law (who I hope still loves me after tomorrow seeing that I talked him into doing this marathon with me!)

Corban and I with the whole group. Corban is running in the kid's marathon!

Group Shot! Guys, this is such a cool experience. If you are affiliated with OC in any way and are going to participate in the MEmorial Marathon in the future, this is so the way to go. You get two shirts, an awesome meal, total support, & get to reconnect with old friends! Oh yeah, they pick up your race packets for you too!

The Mullins' Racers

But, Am I ready?! Are you kidding...check this out!

Race Apparel - Check

Race Essentials - Check

Banana Bread for OH, SO supportive hubby and son's breakfast - check

Flowers from OH, SO wonderful hubby - check

Bedtime reading (kind of an appropriate title for how tomorrow could turn out) - check!

If I am forgetting something, please tell me 4 AM wake up call will be hear before I want it to...thanks for all your support!


Kayla said...

I thought about one day joining team OC...then I realized relaxing and eating icecream sounded better. You have fun though!!!

Michelle said...

You will do great!!! Can't wait to hear about it! I hope the awesome hubbie takes pics of you along the way.

You are about to get up... I am up w/ pain, as usual from IT band Syndrome, which actually is a runners injury. I feel as those I am bearing the injury for those I care about who have committed to run today :)

Just Do It! Your attitude will get you to the finish!

Wa Wa Waughs said...

You are lucky your family will go to the pre-race stuff...mine didn't even want the free meal! They are so anti-social sometimes!!!

Good luck!