Monday, May 3, 2010

Fancy that...

Landice has the Little Bo Peep from Toy Story curtesy of her Grammy. But, she does not call it "Little Bo Peep," but rather "Little Bo Pete." Joshua tries correcting her. I think it is hilarious. Well, until today at nap time when she asked me if "Pete" could go to bed with her! That didn't sound as cute!

Thank the Lord my kid's can talk and communicate well enough that I can understand them, but sometimes it is quite a headache. My kid's favorite phrases these last two weeks are:

"You're not the boss..."
"I am (fill in the black)__________ than you..."
"I am scared of it so I can't do (fill in the blank)_________..."
"He/She hit me..."

And, my all time favorite is when the just go on and on and on arguing about ridiculous stuff. Landice likes to get Corban's goat by saying things she knows will irritate him so he will argue. I have told Corban that it takes 2 people to argue and you can ALWAYS walk away. He had accepted it up to a point until the other day he sat contemplating whether or not he agreed. This is what his response was:

"Hey Mom, you know 3 and 4 and 5 people can argue too."

I took my own advice walking away with a frustrated sigh.

Corban has a twice hand-me-down four wheeler that he is obsessed with. This works in our favor most of the time because when he gets into trouble he gets grounded from it. When he was grounded from it for a day, he told me that it wasn't as long as 5 days. I asked him if I needed to make it longer and he very quickly changed his tune.

Today, he went out to earn some money by sweeping off the back porch so he could help pay for his Mother's Day Gift for his Gigi that he picked out. He came in telling me that he couldn't sweep because:

1)The broom kept hitting him in the head (I think he kept hitting it on the patio table though)
2)His arm hurt from sweeping and he had to go play at the neighbors instead.

He also told me, "I need to check my GSP on my four liter."

Today at the grocery store, Hayden chewed through the corner of a box of granola cereal, dropped a sweet potato and cracked it in half, took a bit out of a cucumber, and started chewing on the grocery cart. FYI, he was not hungry...I think he is getting in some 2 year molars.

The kid's have been spitting to make noises and now Hayden loves doing it too. Even though they are not allowed to spit they love getting each other into trouble for doing it. Today the older two started making the noises and Hayden chimed in. Knowing he was going to get into trouble he said, "No" and made the biggest spitting noise ever! I couldn't help but laugh. I know this is bad, but it was too darn funny...

We went to Hafer park today. We took a walk before our picnic and playground time. Corban is always asking "why are some people are faster than others?" Or "why is Daddy not as good at roller blading as your are?" He is uber competitive. I took the time to tell Corban that God gives us all different talents and that's what makes us unique and special.

Me:What talents did God give you Corban?
C:Well, I can play baseball, soccer, and run fast. I can play race car games and go super fast.
Me:Corban, what talents did God give Landice?
C: He made Landice be able to play basketball and she plays Oklahoma City Texas Soccer and play with girl stuff.
Me: What talents did God give Hayden?
C: He can get into stuff. He can beat me on races because he is faster because I just jog.
Me:What talents did God give Daddy?
C: He can just not jog so fast.
Me: What talents did God give Mommy?
C: HE gave you kind of a lot of energy!


the.fortes said...

Haha! How observant of Corban to notice God gave you a lot of energy!:) Share some if you'd like!

Team Hudkins said...

Good thing you have so much energy! They are cute!