Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Potty Training: Who's training Who?!

Day 1 & 2: Before or after bath Corban sits on the potty and "goes." We then reward his actions with candy and a computer game. (First person who can figure out what is similar about the candy and computer game gets to come to a Group training session with me for FREE!!!)

That wasn't so bad! I think we should go ahead and try to potty train Corban.

Day 3: We go to the gym in a diaper, then to Walmart. I decide while at Wal-Mart that we should let Corban pick out his own reward for going to the potty. He chose a 5 lb. bag of Skittles. We get home and I pour his candy into an old pickle jar for visual stimulation. He bites. He sits on the potty and gets into the gear -"Big Boy Unders." He washes his hands and gets two skittles. One for going on the potty and one for wearing the "unders." We then eat lunch. Whew! No accident. We go potty again and then into a diaper for naptime. Both kids wake up wet so I strip them both down and place then on the potty's. Corban on the big one and Landice on the little one. They both do great! Straight into big boy unders again. No accidents until we go on a walk to the park and he gets put in timeout. No worries...I brought a change of clothes and didn't make a big deal of it. We go home eat dinner and get ready for church. Corban yells "Mommy, Mommy I need help!" as he walks towards me like he has been riding a horse. Obviously, wet I say no big deal lets get you cleaned up. Joshua then asks, "Did something just fall out of his pants?"
I reply with "No, I don't think so!" Well, I was very wrong. Here is what Landice stepped in and tracked down the hall behind me.

Meanwhile, I am trying to figure out how do I get the unders off in the least messiest way possible. Well, my option surely failed with Corban having it streaked down his legs and also backed into the toilet smudging it as well. My drawstring on my hoody managed to get wedged in his crack while I am trying to focus on the poopy unders. AAAHHH! Gross as all get out! I think realize that I have no idea what to do with the unders. I got a glove and shook them out in the potty.

Yick! I know, I are all laughing and thinking that crazy lady has no idea what she is doing. Well, you are right. Now I have to decide do I keep trudging on or is he not ready still?! I put him back in a diaper for church. Help!!! If you have any suggestions please let me have it!!!


Emily said...

Ok, keep in mind I have NEVER potty trained a child. I am in NO WAY an expert or trying to tell you what to do. When the time is right, I plan on staying home for a week solid of nothing but poop and pee. Also, you may try just letting him be in only underwear (or "unders" hehe) while you are at the house. Keep us posted, I'm interested to see how it goes for my future potty training ventures!

Suzanne said...

I've been there. Just this week. I thought Jax was fully trained, and he is really, but he thinks accidents are ok this week I guess. We had the poop in the underwear, down the leg, etc. too!
We pottytrained for months, then finally I stayed home for 3 days, let him run around in a long tshirt, sometimes w/ underwear on, sometimes w/out. I set a timer for 20 minutes. Every time it went off, we went to the potty. Soon enough, he would tell me when it was time to go! That's just one idea....If you want more, email me!

Hang in there - it is frustrating, but in the end rewarding!

Summer Lashley said...

Buy lots of underwear and then throw it away. Who wants to clean those nasty things. I am pretty sure I threw aways ten pairs but I was preggers adn not up for smelling (or touching) that nasty stuff.

Amanda Haskew said...

I agree with Summer, buy lots of unders and be prepared to throw some away. Staying at home for a few days also helped us. We also put the potty in whatever room we were in. That way it was always in sight as a reminder. It took several more weeks to get her to go big stinky in the potty, than it did to go pee pee. Hope that helps.

Akinol said...
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The Rieger Family said...

He is playing Bert's bottle cap game and gets bottle cap candy!

We stayed home for a week. We put the potty in the room we were and were naked. For some reason, she was very conscious of when she needed to go if there was nothing on her body.

Every child is different though.

lisa bialon said...

I was going to solve the Bottle Cap riddle, but I guess Andrea beat me to it! :o)
Keep me posted on the potty training...I hope to accomplish the same thing with Karli in the NEAR future!!