Friday, April 11, 2008

Going for a record here...last one I promise...

Joshua and I posing for a picture...I thought I would show that we do actually touch and interact with each other. Sometimes I think that we don't actually have a conversation until after 8:30 at night. If we do it goes like this:

ME: Hi, babe. Did you have a good day?
Joshua: (somtimes I gives me a kiss...depends on how clinging the kids are as soon as the garage door opens.) Hi! Yeah.
Me: Let's eat.
Background: Corban whining and Landice saying "MommaMommaMommaMomma" with arms outreached to be held by anyone that makes eyecontact.
It goes down hill from there.

I make it sound like it is terrible to have to two wonderful kids that need our attention. It is actually more than I could ask for, I just miss the times where we could talk before the sun went down. Or just sit and watch trash on the tv. Although, somehow when that occasionally happens we end up talking about our kids and missing them and we can't wait to get back to them. God is so good to us!


The Davidsons said...

Hey, sorry couldn't find your email. But I do want to do this session of training. Also, Heather Fowler wanted to do it too if there was an open spot. I guess we'll both see you in the morning unless I hear otherwise. Thanks.

Gena said...

That's a great and I'm sure, rare picture of the two of you. How's the house selling going?

Elizabeth said...

Well, no offers so far. We shall see. We have learned that if we stay here with our small mortgage payment we won't die!

Tara Hobbs said...

Bert has a bottle cap collection!! He loves to count them!! We watch it on Sesame street all the time!!