Sunday, May 18, 2008

Conversations with our 2 year old...

Corban: Daddy, my teeth are blue.
Daddy: No, they are white.
Corban: No, Daddy they blue.
Daddy: Corban, I am pretty sure they are white.
Corban: (Getting louder each time and by now growling) NOOO! THEY ARE BLUE!
Mommy: Corban, you have such cool blue teeth! What an imagination you have!
Daddy: (Looking at me like I have lost my mind) Yeah! Corban, they are cool blue teeth. (This being said while I tell him to pick his battles under my breathe.)
Corban: Daddy, are your teeth red?
Daddy: (No hesitation) Yes! Corban they are!
End of discussion!

Corban: Mawdy(combination of Mommy & Daddy)...Mommy...Daddy. I have a dog on my shoe. I have a dog at my house. It is asleep. His name is Tarshish.

BTW, we don't have a dog.

When we are in the car and encounter an ambulance with its lights on, we of course, obey the law and pull over. I also use this time to tell my kids we should say a prayer for whomever the ambulance is carrying or going to visit. So we say a short prayer. One particular day, I pulled over and had not thought to say a prayer and about the time I did, Corban says, "Mommy, we need to say a prayer." So, I say a quick prayer and when I finished Corban informed me that I needed to pray for them to "BE SAFE!" I am forever amazed at the things my kids soak up. I am thankful that they don't always just show our flaws. My children make me want to be the best person I can be!