Sunday, May 18, 2008

We are staying put!

For the last 3 months, we have had our house listed on the market to sell. We put in an offer on a house and they backed out early due to us not selling our house or lowering our asking price. We went into this thinking we would need more space with a new addition coming. After much searching, mostly internet, and not finding what we wanted, we decided to wait until we were ready to fully commit to moving. It is interesting, once you get a set idea of what you want it is really hard to settle for less. So we have decided our quaint humble abode is where we will abide until the Lord comes or we finally find what we want. We had initially thought we would leave our house on the market for at least 6 months to give it a fair shot. But...with a baby due in less than 3 months and me being exhausted from:
1. Cleaning my house imaculately for complete strangers only to be kicked out for at least an hour with tired babies.
2. Feeling like we have to keep things we use and need boxed up in the attic or at a relatives house, so that our house looks "bigger."
3. Eating out way too much because I don't want to have to clean another mess up and at least enjoy my house being clean for an hour.
4. Suprising my husband with a breakfast scavenger hunt with the "guys", which turned into lets go play some golf too, on the same day we have a 1 pm showing (which is BTW naptime), which was also the same weekend I ruined our filter to our vacuum, and the roll brush to our Luke and Amy's vacuum almost caught fire. So Kristy and Brinley brought over their filter for us to borrow. Little did she know she would be helping me cram to get the house clean. She carried little Brinley from room to room and vacuumed for me. While I dressed the kids, mopped the floors, cleaned the front and back glass doors, and cleaned the shower. Oh yes! The lovely shower! The one I am getting to big to bend over in, and I ended up getting soaked while trying to clean it. So, I went ahead and stripped down to rinse off since I smelled like an OKC dumptruck. Little did I know that Kim (realtor) and a guy (one of our neighbors friends) was in the backyard while I rushed around buck naked! Poor GUY! The guy apologized while I was pushing the kids out the door with bags in my arms, a towel on my head, and no shoes on! I was about to break down and cry at this point. I, then, took the kids to eat at Fazoli's. Thankfully, I left my cell phone at home, because I was trying really hard that day to not complain. I almost made it. I get home and Joshua could tell I was on edge. I walk into the bedroom and see all the cleaning supplies out on the counter. I thought to myself "How could I leave all that out when I worked so hard!" It then dawned on me that I didn't leave it out. I then asked Joshua what he was doing and he replied,"I am cleaning the shower for you!" AHHHH! That was just not my day!


Gena said...

I think that's a smart pun intended. You can move when the baby is a little older, and you're not so worn out. Ugh. Moving is no fun!