Friday, May 2, 2008

Questions about the 20 Minute Challenge?!

If you have any questions about the 20 minute challenge feel free to leave a comment. Here are a few common questions I have been asked:

Q. Do you have to live in Edmond, Ok to join?
a. No. You can live in China for all I care. It is all based online. I have a blog and a website with the Challenge on it... I will be slowing shifting over to the website. The website will have a login access.

Q. Can I pay through Paypal if I don't live close by?
A. Yes. If you pay through Paypal you will just add the Paypal fee to your amount.

Q. How do I track my bonus points?
A. Honor system mainly, currently working on a tracking solution.

Q. Will there be pictures and descriptions of the exercises?
A. Yes.

Q. If I do 20 minutes of exercise, but not what you have provided will I still get my point for the day?
A. Yes.

Q. Since the workouts will be given to us on M-F, do we have to complete them on those days?
A. No. You have 1 week to complete 5 - 20 minute workouts.

Q. What if I workout for an hour on one day, does that count for 3 days worth of workouts?
A. No. The point of the challenge is to add exercise to your daily schedule. But, if you do workout for an hour you will get 3 points for that day!

Q. What exactly would qualify as exercise? Does walking to my car and putting groceries up count?
A. It counts for you being a functioning person, but it doesn't raise your heartrate so I have say it doesn't count.

Q. What if I am pregnant, can I participate?
A. Yes, but only after consulting with your doctor. There will be some exercises that you can't do and I will point those out for those who are pregnant. We can always modify! You can join and count your walking or present exercise as your 20 minutes. I will also make sure I offer plenty of equal opportunity for those who are pregnant to earn points in place of the weight loss/inches loss portion.

Bonus points: Take a before and after picture of yourself in your workout gear. 10 bonus points for each!

BTW...There will be a first and second place prize! So earn those points where you can!!!


Christi said...

I didn't give you my email address.
Thanks Elizabeth!

Karla said...

I don't think I left my e-mail address I am excited about this Elizabeth. I am also having moments of "what am I thinking!" You are answering questions about people being pregnant but I am on the total other end of the scale...46 years old...will I be able to do this?

D's Mom said...

I am possibly interested in your challenge...I found this from Lisa Bialon's blog. Is it possible to pay by sending you a check instead of using Paypal? You can leave a comment on my blog. Thanks! katie

Nancy said...

Hi Elizabeth!

I want to try this so sign me up...