Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Update on the Potty Training

Corban is doing great! With a little bribery anything is possible. The first few weeks were rough with alot of accidents and very frusterated parents thinking "Why didn't I listen to Dr. Stevens and wait until he was 5?!" Just kidding Dr. Stephens is amazing. He tells us that there is a biological time and mental decision made by each individual child when they are ready. I just helped Corban along! I don't know why...maybe because groceries and gas prices are getting as high as Professional Athletes and I don't really want to beg for you guys to help me put three kids in diapers. Corban transitioned from screaming "I want my diaper." to "I get candy" to "Mommy, I want to watch you. Did you do it? Good Job, you get a sticker, Mommy." Truly, amazing how our kids notice everything. Kind of like my wrinkles. Last night, while eating his before bedtime snack, (carrots and dip...the only thing I will give him after dinner if he chose not to eat) Corban pointed to a wrinkle and asked, "Mommy, what's that? An owie? I kiss it. You need a bandaid." Yep...definitely my child...very sweet, but brutally honest. Anyway, back to the potty training. Corban has earned two trains from the Thomas the Train collection and is well on his way to another one. We really need to make it harder for him now. Currently, he has a potty card on which he places his earned stickers. He gets a sticker every time he goes "muddy" in the potty and one sticker for every day he doesn't have an accident. I am so proud of him. The best part is the smile on his face when he knows he has done a great job!


VB said...

Potty training and teaching kids to drive are the two worst challenges of parenthood. I am not sure which one is worst.

You made me laugh.