Friday, June 6, 2008

What do I do on my day's off?

Well, I definitely represent our family big time! Let me tell you. I don't know if it is an early nesting thing or what but here we go...
Yesterday, I was determined to stay home ALL day long and get some stuff done. I can proudly say I was hard...but I did it. I am just not a complete home body. My day usually must consist of one outing for my sanity. Here is my Top 10 things I got done yesterday...
1. I actually worked out at home while the kids were awake. A hour hour! Wow! That never happens.
2. The kids and I watered the flowers out front.
3. I weeded the flower bed.
4. I decided that the flower bed looked better and the yard looked like poo, so I got the mower out.
5. Mowed the yard (half of it carrying a little red head on my hip because if I didn't she would follow me around with her cute, little walk screaming her head off as if I were the worst mommy in the world!) Got some looks from that. Somehow Gretchen Wilson's RedNeck Woman song kept playing through my head over and over again. I had to laugh at that!
6. Fixed lunch and let the kids eat outside and play in the water. Corban doesn't like wet "unders" so he decides to wear his birthday suit. I had to explain to him that we didn't want his peepee to get burned. He kept asking, "What is the sun going to do to my peepee?"
7. Gave the kids a bath.
All of this before noon!
8. Swept & mopped all floors.
9. Cleaned both bathrooms.
10. Grilled Pork Chops, sqaush & zucchini for dinner. Made no-bake cookies. Anyone want to come get some so I don't gain another 50 lbs?!
I wash very productive yesterday!

Today, is a different story. I got up with the intentions of working out(I will get it in it's just a matter of when now!) but instead let the kidsplay with some stamps . We got out Corban's bike for him to ride. Then, headed out the door to run some errands.

1st stop Hobby Lobby. Lost Corban for about 5 minutes. Had a heartattack and raced for the front doors to pouce on whomever had decided to take my child only to find him with a lady directing him my direction. I tell you what...I think this 3rd child will do me in.
2nd stop Target. Kids were hungry so I bought them a bag of popcorn to split. Managed to leave a trial behind us everywhere we went. At least if I would have lost Corban here I could have traced his steps. Mostly peaceful trip, until Landice decides to pour the bag of popcorn into her mouth, all in the cart and the floor. Embarrassed, I start trying to clean up the popcorn. Corban is sitting in the basket saying, "It's okay we will clean it up!"
3rd stop Party Galaxy. This was a great trip. Kids were great. I put all the prices of things into my phone and left.
4th stop Fazoli's. Corban asked if we could eat there. So I gave in. I have to admit having someone else fix food that my kids will eat and I don't have to clean it up is great! However, I don't think it was worth the salad I ate to sit through my kids playing the "Repeat everything the other one does but only louder" game. I got lots of looks especially when we were leaving and Landice was carrying my drink, walked right up to some guys eating and did a dance for them. Out the door, and a she throws a fit on the sidewalk, arches her back when I put her in her carseat. AHHHH! Then, Corban thinks it is funny so he does the same thing, but with a smile on his face. Gotta love my kids! It is okay if you see us in public to just go the other direction...or if you want to be entertained you can just watch like most people do!


the.fortes said...

How this is what we have to look forward to?:)

lisa bialon said...

You crack me up and make me a bit jealous at the same time! You are so productive! I am doing good if I get 1 or 2 things done off my list, and I only have 1 "older" child to deal with! I have confidence that your 3rd child is not going to slow you down are a pro! :o) Love that about you!

Gena said...

Pushing the mower and holding Landice. Wish I could have seen that.

Tara Hobbs said...

"I wash very productive yesterday!"
I loved this statement in your post!! I knew what you meant, but I got a good laugh!