Tuesday, July 22, 2008

All in a day...

While playing in the pool and sprinkler in our backyard...

C: Mommy, Jesus walk on the water.
Me: Yes, he did.
C: There was a boat too. And sharks and fish too!
Me: Yes, I there was...who was on the boat?
C: Peter and Jane.
Me: You mean Peter and James.
C: No! Peter and Jane.

While admiring my beautiful belly...

C: Is baby Hayden in your hole? (pointing to my belly button)
ME: Why yes! (I am so thankful he pointed to my belly button)
C: Oh! Mommy you are an ark.
Me: Oh really! Thanks Corban! (thinking yes I feel as if I could house 2 of every animal at this point)

While putting Corban down for a nap today...

C: My dinosaur needs a blanket. Please cover him up. (this is a 1 1/2 foot tall roaring dinosaur my parents gave him for his bday)
Me: Okay, good night Mr. Dinosaur.
C: You need to sing a song to the dinosaur.
Me: Okay, what song?
C: Jesus Loves Me.
Me: (I sing Jesus loves me while stroking Corban's head and back)
C: Mommy, you need to rub on the dinosaur too. (while placing my hand on the dinosaur to show me how)
Thankfully, I didn't have to kiss the dinosaur too!


Suzanne said...

HOw sweet!