Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Another dose of Doctor OB

So yesterday was my last appointment before D-Day next Tuesday! And of course my Doc is brilliant yet again. I go in he asks how I am and I reply with great! Anyone is great knowing the end of the pregnancy is in I right?! I went on to say that I recieved a letter from my insurance company with the okay to deliver by C-section at Deaconess Hospital. He turns to me and says "Deaconess?!" Yeah, remember Doc, I am having a tubal so I can't deliver at Mercy?! "When did we decide on a tubal?" HA...when we found out we were pregnant again! "Did I give you a pamplet on tubals?" No, but I am pretty sure that I know what it consists of. "WEll, two things to remember...1st of all this is your decision" Duh! I think so! "2nd of all tubals don't work 100% of the time." Really? What is the percentage it doesn't work? "1 in 200" Wow! Well, I hope I am one of the other 199 because if not we are going to get my husband fixed too. I am really ready to just get this over I just hope he remembers to show up!


The Edwards said...

I didn't have the most brillant doctor either. I had to spend 3 days in the hospital when I was 8 months along due to a kidney infection. She came to see me in the hospital once everyday. Then when I went to her office 3 days after being released she didn't even remember I was in the hospital. I'm like atleast check your charts lady before coming in. Then 5 weeks before I deliver Jeremy finds out that she is on probation because she entered into a sexual relationship with a patient and prescribed controlled substances for her. Needless to say he didn't tell me until after Hannah was born. I already decided after my hospital stay I was switching docs, this piece of info confirmed it :)

rebeckaoneal said...

what your ob is crazy. at least your doctor will tie them now i wanted to have mine done when i was delivering and i had to prove to my doctor i was ready 2 years later. the way i look at it if i go to the trouble to have my tubes tied and i get knocked up again god just wanted me to have another!!!