Thursday, August 7, 2008

To Do List Before Baby # 3

1. Steam Clean Carpets - Check

BTW, Disgusting to see what comes out...yuck!
2. Clean Car Seat - Check
3. Install Car Seat
4. Pack Baby bag
5. Pack our bag
6. Dust Base boards
7. Clean Kitchen Grout- Check
8. Clean out Fridge
9. Pack Corban & Landice's bags
10. Clean Windows- Check
11. Clean House
12. Stain back porch
13. Finish coat to front/back porch
14. Visitor sign in sheet for hospital - Check
15. Call Insurance Company about adding new dependant & dropping maternity coverage - yeah! - Check
16. Renew Driver's Liscence - I am extremely thrilled about taking my pic while very preggo- Check
17. Buy under bed storage containers to make room for new baby clothes - Check
18. Put together Corban & Landice's schedule/guidelines for others (whoever it may be) will be able to deal with my kids with some kind of peace
19. Clean out van and rearrange car seats - Check
20. Clean out kids clothes that are currently to small for them - Check

21. Wrap presents from new baby to Corban and Landice - Check
22. Secretly help plan an awesome bash for Jana's bday next week- Check
23. Little brother's graduation card to give him early since I can't go to the actual graduation - Check
24. Take belly pictures, Corban's 3 year pictures, and Landice's 18 month pictures with Brad

Somehow I manage to check off things and my list gets longer...I am experiencing extreme nesting...someone rescue me before I pop this baby out reshingling the roof!


Gena said...

Just please tell me you are not mowing with Landice on your hip again!

DeeDee said...

wow, I think you are being really lazy and you need to start being more productive. LOL

Vanessa said...

I wish I had your energy! I don't have any kids yet and I still don't get that much done!

the.fortes said...

We are so excited to meet new baby Mullins! See you Sunday!