Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Conversations with God...

Today was such an interesting day to say the least. I was in my PJ's still until 4:30 and that being my breaking point, I pulled out the workout equipment and worked out in them as well. I might add that this was the most normal acting part of the day for my kids. It's like they knew Mommy needed to release some endorphines...and not on them. After at least 5 Time outs and many discussions, we sat down for dinner. Corban asked for cereal so I obliged. I also made them yummy Chocolate Banana Smoothies. I know, I are thinking that I succombed to the temptation. I did and it wasn't cheating. These smoothies are very healthy protein drinks and they are very tasty. If you want to know more about them, go here. Our whole family really loves to use the Juice Plus Complete. Anyway, Corban kept getting up from dinner and not listening. So I told him that this was dinner and if he got up again he would not get anything else to eat. Here is what happened next:

Corban: Mommy, you worry about yourself.
Me: Corban that is not something that you tell Mommy. You need to eat your dinner.
Corban: (While looking out the back door) God, My Mommy is talking ugly to me. Thank you for making all the animals. Thank you for sister, Mommy, baby Hayden. Good night God.
Corban then turns to me and says: Mommy, I talk to God and he told me that you should't be ugly to me.
Me: Corban, I am very glad that you talk to God, but I don't think he would say that. I actually think he told you to obey your Mommy.
Corban: Oh!
Corban: God, My Mommy is being nice to me now. Thank for the animals, sister, Mommy, and baby Hayden. Good night God.
Corban turns to me again: Mommy, God goes night night. He is tired.


Suzanne said...

How precious!

Gena said...

That little boy is one smart cookie.

Brandi said...

That is the cutest story!

the.fortes said...

Jonathan and I were both absolutely cracking up at Corban!!!