Friday, November 7, 2008

Ambulance, Fire Truck, & Police Car...what do they all have in common?

I will tell you...they all came to my house today! Yes, drama is my middle name this week. Yesterday, I had to get a rental van so our back hatch could be fixed from being rearended two weeks ago. So after all the hassle of buying new car seats, changing out carseats, dropping off old cars seats to be destroyed, making copies of car seat receipt, calling both insurance companies to approve rental vehicle, and dropping off the car...whew...I have to say I am a little off my game. Today I got the kids ready to go to the zoo. We were all packed and ready. I set my house keys in the front seat with my cell phone and had the rental keys in my hand. I put the rental keys down when I needed to climb over extra seat to buckle in the two kids in the back seat. The rental is was nice, clean, and did not smell of smoke so I am seriously not complaining about it. But, I am spoiled with my automatic doors. I typically push the automatic door button and open the driver side door at the same I would easily be able to stop the automatic door in time if the front door happened to be locked. WEll, I forgot I didn't have this luxury and locked all three kids in the car in my garage. I tried to get Corban to unbuckle his new luck...poor guy wanted to so bad. He would cry and then try again. Remember I said that my cell phone was in the front seat? Well, we don't have a home phone. Lucky for me my neighbors were home and helped me out. Jeff let me use their phone and tried to use a close hanger to open the rental car. No luck. I call Hertz for help and they give me a 1-800 number to call. That number told me to call the police. The lady with 911 laughed at me when I told her the ages of my children. So in about 5 minutes my local neighborhood heroes came to my rescue. I had 7 guys standing my garage trying to unlock this car. I am sure they got a good laugh at my expense...maybe it helped them kill some time for the real emergencies. Thank goodness it's Friday, because I don't think I would have made it another day.


Tonya Tuggle said...

O my gosh...Elizabeth. I am impressed you were cool, calm & in control. I think I would have been balling. Were all 3 babies crying in the car? I am SO sorry that happened. It will be a funny story to tell them when they are older, though.

DeeDee said...

oh poor thing, I am glad everyone is alright.

Nicole said...

I am sooo sorry that happened!!! I hope you have a better week this week. It has to be, right???