Thursday, November 6, 2008

Mommy Melt Down

Yesterday...What a day! And not in a good way at first. Before I go into any further detail I am going to preface this with I was very, very, very tired. the kids are still not understanding the whole gain an hour concept. They insist on getting up like before and of coarse mother nature is only agging them on by being all bright and sunshiny so darn early. I feed the kids and get us all dressed to go to the gym. I wasn't exactly feeling like going to the gym, but I knew it was for my sanity and the kids safety that we go. I decided to go to a pilates class (that has been kicking my patoosh) and Dawn comes to get me while I am in the middle of a very concentrated V rocker. No biggie, I figured Hayden or Landice was poopy. Well, to my suprise I find Corban standing all by himself outside the bathroom crying with wet clothes. No one is standing by him or trying to help him. I ask what happened and Dawn said that she asked if Corban needed help and he said no so she didn't. (I have warned them prior to this that he does.) I tell Corban this is not his fault, but he will need to wear his wet clothes to the car because I didn't want to explain walking a naked kid to the car. So we get to the car, I undress him and wipe him down, I set a gym towel in his seat and cover him up (now you really want to wipe your face with one of those!). We get home and I had already decided that it was going to be one of those days where I will not win. So we get out the play-doh and eat some puppy chow before lunch. Shock...I know. I sit down to feed Hayden and Corban decides he is done playing with the Play-doh. He runs in doing the potty dance, so I reached down to undo his britches and it was too late. I start yelling get on the tile, get on the tile. I figured if he was going to spring a leak then it would be more beneficial to me that he was on a hard surface that couldn't soak up his moisture problem. Well, this only made things worse. He started crying and I got frusterated. I took him to the bathroom and I took a TO. God and I had a little conversation and I lost. I started bawling and went in to finish cleaning Corban again. I sat down in the hallway (still crying) to put on his second pair of clothes. He tells me that I hurt his feelings. What?! Excuse me?! That was my initial reaction. But I chose to ask him how I hurt his feelings. He told me that I yelled at him. All I could say was, I am sorry I just wanted you to pee on the tile and not the carpet. So Landice comes up to me and puts her hand on my shoulder and gives me a kiss at the same time Corban curls up in my lap to hug me and tells me he loves me. I felt so many different emotions just then. I felt so blessed to have children who can look outside of themselves to see others who are hurt and I felt awful that I needed my toddlers to comfort me. I was a mess. Normally, I would suck it up and get over it and let my pride tell me I can do this and make it all better. But instead I called my Aunt Zina. I didn't have to ask...she just knew. She talked to me and arranged her schedule so she could come pick up all 3 of my kids...yes all three...she is that amazing. This allowed me to take a nap to recharge and to shower without someone playing peek-a-boo with the shower door. This allowed me to realize how prideful I am and if I can just ask God for help, he will provide. Now I don't expect someone to come running every time my kid pees on the floor, but I did want to document this so I will be reminded of these days and can possibly be able to pass on his goodness.


Summer said...

Oh Girl, I have so been there. You are an amazing mother and I have always admired you. I admire you even more now. I pray you can feel peace in the midst of the chaos.

Emily said...

When is Aunt Zina coming to my house?

Newberry said...

I've had one of those days today. Since I only have one child I can't say my day was as frustrating as yours, but I still feel your pain!