Friday, December 26, 2008

Boot Camp and 20 Minute Challenge Blog

I LOVE my kids and I MISS my work! Fortunately, I can do both without feeling like I don't get to spend time with my kids! So here's the deal!

6 week Boot Camp Sessions will begin the week of January 12th at Transformation Fitness Center. See below for details:

Cost per each set of 6 sessions - $60($10 per session)

Each day is a different set of sessions - you can join more than one session
If you want to join two sessions, you will need to pay a total of $120.
Classes are not interchangeable. Classes can not be made up.

Childcare: $15 per one child for 6 weeks for Monday 10 AM class and evening classes
$20 per 2 children, if you have more I will check on pricing

Women's Group Exercise Sessions with Elizabeth & Miguel

Monday's - 10 AM (Elizabeth)
6:30 PM (Elizabeth)
Tuesday's - 6 AM (Miguel)
Thursday's - 6 AM (Miguel)
6:30 PM (Elizabeth)

Men's Group Training Sessions with Miguel

Thursday's - 6:30 PM

For each time slot there are 10 available slots.

Requirements for filling a spot:

Leave a post with contact info
Cost per 6 sessions - $60($10 per session)
Payment received is the only way to secure spots.
All checks payable to Transformation Fitness Center.

**** Important****If you are thinking about joining this class and you have NOT been currently exercising for at least 2 weeks this class may not be for you. Fortunately, I am giving you a head start on your New Year's Resolutions. You have about 2 weeks to start doing something!

If a class does not have 6 or more enrolled, then we will dissolve that class.

Check back frequently for more updates and my New 20 Minute Challenge Blog!


Summer said...

ok, my first choice in the tuesd thurs at 6 am. if that class doesn't get filled then I want the Monday at 10 AM

Jen said...

Question. If you are a gym member do you have pay the additional money for childcare?

lisa bialon said...

Ok..I am definitely in...this is just what I need! I would like to do the Monday at 10 AM. What would you reccomend for me to start doing these couple of weeks before hand, because I definitely haven't been doing much! (okay..any! ha!) Any suggestions are welcome! Thanks!

Kelli said...

I would like to join. I am thinking Mondays at 10am. Where is this going to be? Oh and I have 3 kids (that is still kind of a frightening statement!).

Alyssa said...

Do we have to be members of Transformations Gym? Matt and I want the 6:30 Thursday slots on Thursdays (him with Miguel, me with you) and we will need childcare for 2. Just let me know about the gym membership. Also, we are in Texas right now. Can I mail you a check?

Elizabeth Mullins said...

If you are already a member at Transformation Fitness Center you don't have to pay extra for child care. Kelli, I will get back to you on three kids(I know what you mean!) Alyssa, let's wait a few more days and see how the classes seem to be filling up! Lisa, Anything that will raise your heartrate for a minimum of 20 minutes. You could go for a 2 mile walk, workout dvd, etc.

Tara Hobbs said...

My sister bought me the Biggest Loser DVD for X-mas. She felt it was fitting b/c I am the family's "Biggest Loser." I am not sure I will be able to join a class, but know I should be working out. :-)

kj said...

So you don't have a 5:30 or 6AM one that you teach right??? I have to do it in the mornings and that is when I usually go....but I would love to train with you...I need a BOOST!

Elizabeth Mullins said...

Karen, I am just not a morning person, but ask Summer about Miguel...he helped us last year and does a great job! Plus, he looks better than I do that early!

Darci said...

I am definitely interested, but I would prefer the evening sessions. Just to be sure, it is $120 for two days a week for 6 weeks, right?

Elizabeth Mullins said...

Darci, You got it!

Risa said...

Hi Elizabeth! I am in for evenings with you...if that doesn't make, I'd like to participate in the morning (6am) session.

Tim wants to do the men's Thursday class!


Risa said...

Sorry...Monday and Thursday evenings for me!

Darci said...

OK, I am in for Monday and Thursday evenings. If the evenings don't make, I would consider the mornings as well.
I'm excited!

Benjamin said...

I'm in for Mondays at 10. I'm so excited!

tdeboard said...

I would like to be in either of the evening sessions, whichever one makes. Will I be missing out if I only do one of the sessions a week?

Elizabeth Mullins said...

Teresa, You won't be missing per se but I do recommend you getting in at least 2 days a week of weight training to help maintain good bone density and lean muscle mass (we lose so much of this every year we age). Each day we meet will challenge your muscles in a different way so that your body has to keep guessing therefore it does not hit a plateau!

Amanda said...

I would like to do Monday or Thursday evenings. Just let me know which one would be best. I think I would probably like Monday better.

Jala said...

Hey Elizabeth I would like to join the 6:30pm Thursday class. Do you still have openings?

Elizabeth Mullins said...

Amanda, I put you down for Monday...I apologize but which Amanda is this?
Jala, I put you down for Thursdays!

Amanda said...

This is Amanda Watson again. I just found out about meetings that I have everey Monday night. Is there anyway for me to switch to just Thursday night?


Elizabeth Mullins said...

Amanda, I switched you to Thursday nights and that class is full now!