Saturday, December 6, 2008



8 TV Shows I Watch
1. One Tree Hill
2. Grey's Anatomy
3. 90210
4. CSI Miami
5. Numbers
6. Smallville
7. Private Practice
8. Gossip Girl

8 Favorite Restaurants
1. Charleston's
2. Jason's Deli
3. Panera
4. Dos Gabachos
5. Red Robin
6. Tara's Escondido ;)
7. Kristy's BLT Delite;)
8. Amy's CornCassroleCarbonara;)
9. Jana's Easy Italian Sharona;)

8 Things that Happened Today
1. Woke up at 5ish to feed Hayden, went back to sleep
2. Woke up at 6, hit snooze til 6:45, fed Hayden (early) at 7 (so I wouldn't have to pump...not a big fan of pumping if I don't have to)
3. Took a shower, got ready for PT conference in Norman
4. Conference refreshed my desire to train peoples booties again
5. Lunch, Pumped in car by dumpster to try to look less like a freak, but failed miserably
6. Finished conference came home fed Hayden
7. Invited Corban's buddy from Day School and parents over for pizza dinner at 6, fed Hayden again, made peppermint bark with kids
8. Bathtime, bedtime, Last feeding of the day...worked on Refresher slideshow

8 Things I Look Forward To
1. Sleep
2. A meal that I can consume in one sitting
3. Clothes that don't have poop, pee, spit up, or grape juice that is called coffee on my clothes
4. Christmas with Joshua and kids
5. Chocolate
6. Working out
7. Being massaged almost every night by my hubby
8. Getting together with friends & getting lots of Christmas cards!

8 Things I Wish For
1. My kids to know Christ
2. My family to take the Fun out of dysfunction(cause it ain't that fun anyway)
3. Joshua to figure out what I want without asking anyone and just knowing...hint hint!
4. Peacefulness
5. To always find Joy in every day even as my children get older
6. Patience beyone measure
7. Healthy family
8. People I love to always know how much I care for them

8 People I Tag...I don't think I have 8 people that ready my blog...
1. Jana...come on you can do it!
2. Lily...tell your mommy that you want this for Christmas!
3. Jeremy...I'm thinking iPhone to make her new blog very accessible
4. Amy...come on SalsyMamma
5. Kristy...P90Xbaby!
6. me some more Daniel!
7. really should' neglect your blog just because you are giving me massages!
8. Tonya...I am suprised you have made it this long!


Summer said...

What! Jana has a blog? Why did I not know about this?

Brandi said...

I just read your comment on Summers blog and I laughed so hard!
I had to get a crown about a year ago and I remember thinking - well, atleast I get to sit here and actually relax for an hour or so!! :)

Mrs.B said...

I read your blog! It always makes me laugh!

I'm sad I can't come to the ReFresher Tuesday, i know you'll do great!


Rachael Hamilton said...

Hey! I enjoyed reading your blog! The kiddos are growing up. I look foward to seeing you in Jan!