Tuesday, February 24, 2009

No Need for Pictures...

Because the description of my day will probably be enough to put me in the looney bin by the time I am 30. Here's the good stuff:

* Grabbed Starbucks before taking Hayden to Dr. Garrison (Dr. Stephens on vacation, Cathy booked solid)
* Hayden fell asleep decided to take a nap in Dr's office
* Got grocery shopping done a Wal-Mart while waiting on prescription
* Fed Hayden and he fell asleep
* Picked kids up at Day School and went to the park with Bialons
* Corban did not pee in his pants though!
* Thankfully, car was not locked.
* Found Hayden's paci in Lisa's van
* Corban is not shamed or embarrassed by strutting Karli's purple panties in a public park
* In fact,"Hey Karli, I pooped my pants. Do you want to come over to my house?
* Hayden falls asleep in car on the way home
* Fed Hayden while Corban screamed for 30 minutes and Thanked God for this distraction
Halleluah...Daddy is home!!!!!!!

The really good stuff:
* Canceled Clients to take Hayden to the Dr.
* Took Hayden to Dr. Garrison and found out he had an ear infection
* Hayden woke up as soon as we left office
* Stopped by pharmacy and prescription wasn't ready
* Hayden spit up and pooped all over the exersaucer right before picking kids up at Day School
* Hayden woke up as soon as his body left my arms
* Corban needed to go poop at the park on the play ground set and decided he couldn't wait so he squished his face in all kinds of "I am trying not to poop my pants" and then pooped in his pants
* Went to leave park and Hayden melted down due to loss of paci(Summer we may need Bode's)
* Landice climbed into Lisa's van and didn't want to get out
* Tried to change Corban but there was glass on the ground so we had to work around tennis shoes and ball of poop
* Almost barfed while changing him into a pair of Karli's panties
* Meanwhile, Karli shuts my van door with my keys in the car(you think I would learn)
* Corban and Landice yell at each other on the way home
* Corban ends up having to take a nap, which ended up being a 30 minute screaming fit


Andrea said...

Sounds like a fun day!

Lesley said...

hmmm, and yet it out weighs a full time job, doesn't it?

the.fortes said...

I love it when people who have no clue think being a stay at home mom is a big vacation. Going to work would at least be a few minutes to yourself and someone else worrying about the poop, fits, barf, etc. I feel for ya, girl! You are a great mom, though, who else could handle it all?

Summer said...

i love how you keep it real. And the paci ain't goin' anywhere for a while...

Newberry said...

Oh my, Elizabeth! It sounds like you had one crazy day. Hopefully you got some relief once Josh got home :)