Tuesday, March 10, 2009


P - Patience - even when it's hanging by a thread...especially when you want to help it get lost
A - Attitude - attitude reflects leadership...not that I would admit to this imperfection of mine
R - Reflection - to look back on one's actions or to see a mirror image...I am not sure which is worse right now...those early morning feedings can really do a person in :)!
E - Encouragement - to build their sense of self and foster their ability to complete life's tasks whatever it may may find they will encourage others too...even Grizzly Bears at the Zoo who are afraid to get in the water!
N - Naive - our child would never do that...they aren't supposed to argue until they are 20 or so...right?!
T - Training - a lifetime committment to raise our children to know Christ's love...BTW, I asked God and he will still offer it even if you tear up your Bible...thank goodness!
S - Sense of Humor - What are you talking about?! I love getting barfed on, handed boogers from the back seat of the van, and most especially the smell of pee in my plants!


Emily said...

So glad to know that God still has a place for Corban after the bible incident. I'm sure God has forgiven others for much worse!