Saturday, April 18, 2009

Do you ever wonder why your body responds to foods differently?

Maybe you aren't eating the right combinations! Maybe your body processes foods faster or slower than you think. Or maybe you are like Joshua and I and our bodies processes foods in a very balanced manor. Maybe you are eating the right kinds of foods, but just too much at one time, which can slow down your metabolism. Maybe you feel hungry all the time and don't realize that you are dehydrated. If you want to find out how your body processes food, then I recommend you check out your local library or Target(this book is really awesome) and check out Making the Cut by Jillian Michaels. Making the Cut is not for everyone. It is formulated to help you lean out and really tone up by using her workouts and eating for your body type. I know you are probably thinking "Goodness, I have tried all kinds of things, read all kinds of books, and nothing has worked." Society is saturated with all kinds of fitness/nutrition systems. The key for YOUR success is finding what works for you and what YOU will stick too. Well, she has also written Winnning By Losing for those that want to get a good base start on becoming healthier. I have heard a lot about the Biggest Loser from several of my friends. They really think the show is inspiring. I have watched the show maybe I don't really know what Jillian is about except she is HARD CORE. I love it! So checked out her book and just by looking at a few pages I knew that this would be a good one for our family. I am always searching for new recipes especially. She has everything lined out for you from daily meal plans and Awesome workouts in Making the Cut. My only complaint about the book is I wish that I had written it - minus a few choice words. Check it out and see what you think. This is a great solution if you can't afford a trainer or join a gym.


:) said...

Elizabeth: Would love to join the boot camp and wish I lived close to do so. I am going to check out these books you recommended. Thanks! We try to eat healthy and walk nearly everyday, but need to step it up a bit. Blessings on your week! Amy

Wa Wa Waughs said...

thanks for the recommendations!