Friday, May 22, 2009

Today was Great!

Corban woke Hayden up this morning at 6 and since Joshua couldn't get Hayden to go back to sleep I decided to get my lazy rear out of bed to go for a run. I am so glad I did. The weather was perfectly cool and I was up early enough to get in my longest run yet. I ended up running 4.75 miles this morning and Lance Armstrong told me "Congratulations, this is your longest run yet!" I get really excited when my ipod Nike plus hires professional athletes to give me props! So, after my great run, Joshua made chocolate chip muffins and fed the kids so I could shower and get ready for our garage sale/play date. It wasn't too hectic with 10 kids, but we did have three bleeders, 6 runny noses, someone crying or whining most of the time(it was me). I think all of us Moms were taking a stiff look at our birth control options! Thank goodness there were 4 mommies to pitch in. We all added to the lunch menu(Thanks Kayla, Kelli, and Tara...especially the deadly brownies!) and had a picnic on the towels. We ended our day with popsicles...Nothing beats that on a warm afternoon!