Thursday, May 21, 2009

It's a great Day to be Alive, when the sun still shining when I close my eyes!

I thrive off of the spring weather. The coolness of the mornings and evenings like cucumbers or a smoothie and the perfectly warmness of the day, kind of like a pan of freshly baked brownies!

Here are some Corbanisms(not sure if this is the right phrase, but I don't really care):

C: Yes! I came in second first!

C: Here you go, Mom! I made you some green beans and DoJo's!
ME: OH Thanks! But, what are Dojo's?
C: WEll, Dojo's turn your tomatoes blue and green!

C: Mom, I love you, but you have to quit telling me I can't have candy!

C: Mom, I need some sunscream too!

Introducing a spice of Landice!

ME: Can you show my your dance moves sis?
L: No, I don't dance in the bathroom!

Me: Landice, you crazy cracker!
L: Mom, you lazy lack-lack!

L: Mom, I just don't want to because...I don't want to.

Hayden's Jabbering

He can now mumble Ma-Ma when he is fussy.
He says Da-Da when he is happy.
He says Ba-Ba when he sees his brother and sister.

Don't want to leave off my cutie hubby!

The kids picked out pink carnations and and Red striated roses for me to arrange with them for Mother's Day...if I have already blogged this I apologize for my overload of files in my brain and the refusal to open new ones at this point in time! So a few days later, Joshua came in while I was probably blogging and said, "Boy, your cardigans sure look great!" Love you babe...I know you will be extremely embarrassed later, but I am struggling here...I am going crazy at the fact that I only have 19 (wonderfully, AWESOME) followers and you know how I really like even numbers, especially 24. So, I think I will pre-forgive myself for you seeing that this was all for such a great cause! Again, love you babe!


Alyssa said...

I am now your 20th follower. I guess before I was just stalking you. Good, now it won't be awkward. I'm a follower, not a stalker!

Elizabeth Mullins said...

Yeah! Thank you Alyssa! I love your pity!