Thursday, June 18, 2009

Random Thoughts Thursday

I have not been blogging as much these last few weeks for lots of good reasons. We went to Texas last weekend for the much awaited froufy wedding for my brother-inlaw. It was beautiful! The wedding ceremony was very traditional with a string quartet, long train wedding gown, an eye raising signal during vows that told his future wife that they would indeed be poor, one of the two ring bearers did an awesome job - thankfully it was Corban, and my other two kids were not invited. So, maybe this wasn't a traditional wedding for our family to attend. Nonetheless, we are so proud of Corban and Seth too!

The Reception was at the Museum of Modern Art. The flowers were gorgeous, the food was delicious, the wedding cake was amazing(her Mom made it too!), tuxes & gowns were galore! I could handle crashing a few weddings like that. Corban really enjoyed the museum. He actually went up to the security guard and told him "There's trouble up stairs, you need to go check it out!" As we were exiting the museum with our entourage of guards, which was to be expected since they only had to buy a 3 million dollar insurance policy to have it there, Corban pointed to a colage of Marilyn Monroe pictures and said "Look, it's you Mommy." Papaw was there to witness this and said "Wow! What a compliment! All I could do was laugh! Silly boy!

While we were at the reception, Landice barfed all over a perfectly good chocolate chip cookie in Jana & Jeremy's hotel room. Hayden crawled in it and added a multicolored poop to the mess. Thank you Jeremy and Jana for sacrificing a weekend with us so we could try to enjoy a wedding without these two there!

We have been packing up our house. I am feeling very sad and excited. We have lived at this house for over 7 years. We brought all of our kid's home here. What started out as a house for two young marrieds has transformed into a home. We will always cherish the memories and repairs as we have grown from all of it! This house has taught me that there is no perfect house and all homes will incur a good amount of fixing up if you stay in it long enough. A house can only be a home if you are in it with the people you love.

The excitement about moving comes from knowing how blessed we are and the fact that I won't have to show my house again, clean it for someone who wants to come scrutinize it only to walk away and never return.

I am not sure this is turning out to be random...oh wait, what about bumpits. Do they really work? I would love to sport a good bump that's not on my backside unwanted, but I think my hair is too thick. I saw a sign at Walgreens the other day for BUMPITS - I read it BUM PITS and was a little confused, but eventually figured it out!

Landice greeted our new neighbors Tuesday night with an overflowing diaper. Poop smeared hands that naturally swept her hair out of her face. Thankfully we were outside this time. Let's just say the waterhose is my best friend right now.

I actually found a tankini swim suit that covers my entire stomach! Yeah! I absolutely love it!

My 10 year reunion is tomorrow night. I hope it is good!

Happy Thursday Ya'll!


Christi said...
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Christi said...

Yes the Bumpits really work. I love mine!

Chellie said...

I really wondered about the Bumpits too.. I'm trying to convince the station to do a "Does It Work" segment on it..

Natalie Hudkins said...

So you decided to go to the ten year... Let me know how it goes! I am glad you got to enjoy the wedding- that sounds really cool.

Gena said...

I want a bumpit so bad. Love the thoughts.