Friday, July 31, 2009

Room to SO many ways!

This week has been a long week at home working on Potty training. I have realized this week that I will come last on so many occasions. I put on my workout clothes 3 days in a row before the actual workout happened. But once it did, it felt great, I feel great, everyone is happy(er). I know that I will not always get "ME" time, but I have realized how blessed I am to have a supportive husband that gives me that time to do so.

Landice is doing great with only two accidents during the day since Monday. A few at night, but hopefully she will soon get the hang of things. Today she had an accident because she was too busy playing with money. Money from the "Room to Grow" can that is supposed to make it's way to church. You know the phrase "Dirty Money" is true when your daughter informs you that she has pooped in her baby stroller that contains half of the change from the "Room to Grow" can. If you see us carrying it in any time soon, just ignore us and pretend we are not heathens.

Another lesson that ironically has come from my own mouth. In trying to teach Landice that she does have time to stop and go potty I find myself saying "Stop what you are doing and it will be here when you get back. I promise." Wow! And to think I have to remember to do that myself. I struggle with being too task oriented. This week I have to slow down and in an attempt to do so I feel like I have wasted more time. It drives me crazy. So, today I didn't get on Facebook at all. I was tempted a few times, but I am determined. Finding balance in life is a definite challenge for me. I am a gun-ho (or is it gung-ho?) type of gal. I get really excited about a lot of things and like to capitalize on that energy. I am always amazed at how some people seem so natural at finding balance in life. How do you find balance and what reminds you how to "stop and smell the roses?!"


Wa Wa Waughs said...

You hit the nail on the head! Finding balance in my life has been my major goal for approximately 20 years...a couple of things that have stuck with me for a long time:

PEOPLE ARE MORE IMPORTANT THAN THINGS - overheard in the nursery (Norma Morgan)

WHAT IS _________GOING TO MATTER IN 10 YEARS? - some sermon, I'm sure

The fact that you recognize the need for it is wonderful! It might be unattainable, but I think we should all be striving for it, for our families as well!