Thursday, August 27, 2009

Random Thoughts that go with my Random Emotions

I have been spending more time in the word. It has been helping me have a better start to my days. I write in my prayer journal and it helps me release my anxieties and worries that will eat at me throughout the day. I have more peace of mind. I am thankful for a God that is so unlike me. He is always there and he understands and he wants us to always seek Him. He is not overbearing or does not have an "I told you so" attitude. He is unconditional, all-knowing, everlasting love that goes far beyond what I can truly comprehend.

I am thankful for my husband who truly tries every day to provide for our family, love our family, and show our family his love, hard work, dedication and sacrifice. I can't imagine my life without him and I am in awe at how God knew that we were meant to be together. To be there for each other even when we can't begin to understand how or what the other one is wanting, feeling, or thinking.

Again, reading Gena's blog is very thought provoking. I can remember worrying about not having those Guess jeans. The only cool pair of jeans I had were hand me downs from Katie P. from our church. I was SOOO thrilled to have a pair of button up, stone washed jeans that were last years style. Just think that was in 6th grade...there is no way now that I could fit my arm in a pair of her jeans now! I can remember the big brown glasses, mullet, and baggy t-shirts that were identical to my brothers. Oh boy! Lord, help me to show my children that what we look like is not what we are about. You know our hearts help us to show your love!

Trying different strategy's with the kiddos. Having lots of attitude these days and much of it is them arguing with me as to why they should get their way. I am using the "Is that a good decision?" Strategy right now. Teaching them which actions are good decisions and which ones are bad is a really hard job. Especially, when I have a little girl who likes to pee on the floor while in the bathroom staring at the potty. She then will sing a song about it. It goes like this:

"I pee pee on the floor. I have to get clean panties. I have to clean it up. I have to go in the potty, not on the floor. If I pee pee on the floor I will get a spankin!" She also says that "Jonah got a spankin' from the Lord" too.

Hayden is in his little "sniffer" mode. I call it the "Sniffer" mode because it is the crinkle your cutesy little nose, show your cute little chompers, and throw eggs all over the floor while he tries to use his feet to push away from the dinner table. I know it will get easier...I already know it has gotten easier! Breathe!!!

Now where is that instruction booklet at...


Wa Wa Waughs said...

Oh don't know how much better you make me feel! LOL

No, I was just having one of those moments myself...came down to the computer for a distraction! After telling #3 to clean up the game room recently, I decided it needed some deep cleaning. It was so disgusting I am almost in tears. I don't understand how they can trash it like that...don't they have any respect? Found sharpie marker on the couch and my old comforter, parts of games, legos, jolly ranchers, crumbs,all in the carpet. Some friend broke the pinball machine so the flippers don't work now....

I am banning them from the game room for a while!!!

Lisa said...

Great thoughts!!! Thanks for sharing!!! You are always an encouragement to me! Hang in are doing an awesome job!! Love you girl!!!

Samantha said...

I have to say Elizabeth that I love you and every time I read your blog I wish more and more that we lived near you. Thank you for the encouragement you give me. You are a great example to your kids both as a mother and also as a wife.