Monday, August 24, 2009

Grammy GirlFriend Giveaway

I have to say I love Christmas's my birthday. So, call me a little selfish, but I also love to decorate for Christmas and get together for the holidays. Many of my favorite childhood memories were just hanging out with all of our families. We had a very traditional tree...fresh whatever the store had. Lots of needles, but smelled great! We decorated with our homemade Christmas ornaments, popcorn strands, and tinsel. Great memories of us doing this as a family. Grumbling or not, I think we all got a kick out of getting a rise out of Mom because we took too long or put too many on one side to get it done. Okay, so enough reminiscing and on to my main point. I do have one. You should check this really cool Grammy. She's got some tricks in her little bag of ornaments on how to jazz up your Christmas tree. Plus, she wants to give away a free consultation with some fun decorations.


Amy said...

Oh..I love Christmas too! Such an incredible family focused time of year. I start my Amy Grant Christmas songs right after Halloween! ha. That is as early as Sid will tolerate it! Blessings on your day! I like your posts too! Amy