Thursday, August 6, 2009

Random Thoughts Thursday

So I keep smelling a pee smell. Just realized it's me. Hayden leaked on me.

Had a B.O.P. fall on my hand today. Sick! Nothing more gross.

Be careful who gets ahold of your cell phone or you may end up with new ringtones applied to your contact list such as -

Stafford & JoAnne North - Big Butts
Summer Lashley - Barbie Girl
Lisa Bialon - Let me out of your pocket
My mother inlaw & Tara Hobbs - Superfreak
Jana Hornbuckle - Spider Pig
Rachael Hamilton - Sweet Home Alabama
Jolynn Herndon - I like to Move it

Corban keeps asking to go over to our neighbors house. Here are are 3 ways he has asked:

1. Mom, Can I go play at Cadon's house.
2. Mom, I think Cadon needs me to come play with him.
3. Mom, I think you should exercise and Andrea can watch us.

He is relentless. I suppose a glimpse of what I was like as a child since there is noone to tell me about it.

M & M's for breakfast...not too shabby!

C: Did you see that bug? That's the bug's bleed. It was kind of crazy...spray painting peanut butter.

C: Are my feet on the right shoe?

Rainy days require some creativity. I decided to show Corban how to measure things with a tape measure. He thought that was great!

Hayden loves his toothbrush. Literally won't let it go. I know it's not safe to let him walk around with it, but really sometimes, it is nice to have a moment of silence.

I like to have a plan. When I don't have a plan my days are soooo long.

Running out in the country I come across lots of road kill. Dead turtles, snakes, skunks...oh yeah and crazy drivers that should slow down.

Landice to Micah when we had him over for dinner:

L: Holding her Bible and flipping through pages she says, "Listen to me. I read you a story. Jonah disobeyed the Lord. He get swallowed by a big fish. He ran away from the Lord. Then he turn around like this." She spirals into a crazy spinning, hollering circle.
M: Preach it, Landice.

Corban is crying in the background.
Me: Landice, what is the matter with Corban?
L: Oh, he get in trouble.
Me: Why is he in trouble?
L: Daddy give him a spankin.
Me: Why did he get a spankin?
L: Because he disobeyed his Lord.

I am really excited about my "new" curtains. Nana and I worked on my old curtains and added some extra material to them. They look awesome! Can't wait to get them hung.

Ready for Hayden's party on Saturday. His bday next week marks a new phase of life for us. We will have only one kid in diapers and I look forward to more fun days that don't involve a baby carrier, 3 am feedings, every three month check ups, constantly going through clothes every month, and most of all...smelling like a sour spit rag. I have survived this stage and I am praying my kids survive the next stages along with me :)! God has blessed us so much!


Kristy said...

I had M&M's for breakfast yesterday. At least they were peanut M&M's so I got some protein.

Gena said...

This is one of your best Thursdays yet. Big butts....oh my goodness, I have tears.

Andrea said...

We are napping right now, but you are welcome to come over around 3:30

Wa Wa Waughs said...

Yes, you are getting closer to the easier to manage stage! Yay!

Natalie Hudkins said...

Amen to no more spitter uppers and night time waker uppers. Here's to getting through the toughest years!

Summer said...

I think I'm flattered...