Thursday, August 13, 2009

Random Thoughts Thursday

I just finished two of my favorite Thursday morning things - My 1 egg,3 egg whites and a banana for breakfast plus Gena's Blog!

I officially have the best aunt EVER and FB is becoming a good way for me to whine and get sympathy. Yesterday, I showed up 40 minutes late for Corban and Hayden's well baby checks when I thought I was 10 minutes early. I started bawling at the poor lunchtime gal and just walked out with streams of tears running down my face. Corban kept asking "Mom, why are you crying?" I just replied with "Corban, I am having a moment." I sit in the car and continue to moo and he says, "Mom, why are you not backing up?" "Corban, I am still having a moment!" I can't remember crying in public like that before kids...okay, so maybe I got a little emotional while playing sports and I choose to block that out. Anyhow, Hints my Aunt offering to take my kids ALL DAY today! She has an amazing gift for seeing a need and wanting to help. I love her so much!

I have pulled out the Sheperding A Child's Heart again. I think this book will be worn out by the time my children are grown. Maybe more for me than them.

I have started rollerblading while Corban rides his "motorcycle" at night. I have enjoyed it a lot. We got some funny looks when I was having to push him up the hill while blading. HE thought it was great! I thought it was great hips really got a good workout.

Landice loves the monkey bars. I love that she loves the monkey bars. She will do them at least 5 times everytime we go to the park. Speaking of the park, Corban and I went down there the other day. I needed to workout out and he wanted to ride. So, I ran in front of him and he chased me. Once we arrived at the park, we played hide and chase on the playground. I forgot that I had hit my head pretty hard and yesterday I kept feeling a swollen spot. I was glad that it wasn't the worst zit ever trying to push through.

Zits...aren't they supposed to go away once you are out of high school or college or at least reached the status of having children?! For me unfortunately not. I think I will have zits until I am 80...maybe then my crow's feet and forehead creases will just swallow them up. Okay, so I am gross. What can I say...I lived with boys.

We are going to go watch the Rangers play in about a month. I am super pumped about that!

I am having a dream of trying to play some basketball again...please tell me I am too old!

Potato plants can be cut off and placed in water to regrow some roots to be planted in your neighbors flower beds. Thanks Andrea!

Putting together new Group Training Sessions for this FAll. If you are interested, leave a comment.


Summer said...


The McDowells said...

Thanks for the recommendation of the book! I am reserving it at the library.

Wish I were closer to attend the fitness class, I need it!

Katie said...

Ok, I am interested... and let me say wow! You did have some random thoughts today! :)

Gena said...

So many things to comment on.
1. I love your Thursday blogs. So there.
2. I also love you for the Starbucks card. Still in shock.
3. Yes, interested in working out.
4. Zits and crying......oh I understand these so well since motherhood.

Thank you!

the.fortes said...

Amen on the zits. What is the DEAL!???
Oh, and I left a little award for you on my blog because I love your blog!!! It's kind of like chain mail, so if you don't pass it on that is fine, but I thought I'd tell you you were acknowledged! :-)

Natalie Hudkins said...

I rarely cry but I seem to burst into tears at the pediatrican's office too. I did it on Monday.
Can I borrow your book after you have read it? :)

Amy said...

Thank you so much for your thoughts! I live with all boys and my friends are shocked sometimes at what comes out of my mouth! ha. I would love to play basketball again too! The love for the game will never go away I don't think. I pray that Ps.5 will continue to talk to your heart this week! Blessings. Amy

Gena said...

Thanks again for the card. Sum and I drove through tonight.....

Wa Wa Waughs said...

Love it..."I am having a moment..." never used that one before but I least you didn't take it out on the kiddos! That's when I would just ignore them and turn the music up really loud....