Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Chore Charts

I had an epiphany this past week. My kids are getting older. They are at a very capable, eager, very active stage. So why not put it to good use?! We made a trip to Mardel's for our chore charts that comes with star stickers. I am very excited about this endeavor because I can encourage my kids to have healthy habits and learn that responsibilities are a part of life. AND....A BIG AND....This Momma will not do everything for them. Sure, I may be a headlice fanatic now and sign up for head checks to make sure other parents are fully informed. I may also go try to hit all of their class parties even if it cuts into my free time. I may spend extra preventative money on healthy foods and to try and help save on future doctor visits. I may sacrifice my Gap rewards money to buy Landice a cute pair of shoes. But, I will not literally wipe their bottoms for the rest of their lives. I think it is healthy for kids to learn that they have a place in the family that is productive. It helps them to build confidence in accomplishing tasks. It helps them work through challenges at home where failure is welcome to try again with patience. It helps them to know that they are not the only person that needs help. They learn to see others needs and how to take the time to help.

So, this is our first week with the chore charts and it is going wonderfully. Corban is learning to recognize words by me asking him where certain chores are located so he can then place a sticker by it. Corban enjoys telling me how he is a helper to his siblings as well as Mommy & Daddy. He told me this morning, "Let me tell you how I helped Landice. I helped her learn how to not cry all day long." "Let me tell you how I helped Hayden. I helped him learn how not to climb up the stairs and fall down." Landice has become so wraught with anguish by her comforter not being long enough to tuck in on all sides. She also expressed her independence by wanting to get the stickers all by herself. Hayden is well...not there yet. But, soon. Very. Very. Soon. He is already trying so hard to help with the laundry by tossing pieces very emphatically around the room. He is so proud! I might add that some have already been folded. But, I will not discourage help.

Okay, so I am working on that part.

Now, that I have shared how we are entering the journey of chores. Share with my your tricks. I am always up for new ideas!


Chellie said...

I'm impressed. I love that they seem so excited about their charts.

Gena said...

I love it. We have a chart in Raegan's room that she wrote out herself. At the end of the day, (by each task she completed) she puts a check mark. Things like walking the dog, picking up room, making bed....etc. We give her a quarter for each item completed. It's usually only a few items we can check off, but it gives her an idea of learning how to earn money and how much work it takes to earn a few dollars.

Alyssa said...

We have chore charts for both kiddos. Collin is VERY responsible, but he has been doing chores for 3 years now. Katie could care less if she gets a sticker on her chart. But she does like to be a helper and she does like money in her piggy bank.

Wa Wa Waughs said...

Still have a chart on the kitchen bulletin board and mine are 14 and 18! Of course, no stars anymore, they make their age in $$...gets expensive, but worth it for all they are learning and hopefully are forming good habits and work ethic.