Thursday, September 24, 2009

This Little Random Piggy...

Went to the fair. Old news, but new update. The kids got to see a new momma pig feeding her cute little piggies. While still at the fair, Landice found a rock that she affectionately named "My piggy." She has carried this thing around all week and the kids have fun taking turns playing with it. Save this randomness for a little later.

Yesterday was my Mom's actual 50th birthday. So my Dad and I planned a suprise party for her at their church building. I picked up a few decorations that I could reuse for another function next week. My Mom loves fall colors so we went with that theme instead of the typical black and white 50th birthday over the hill stuff. Here is what we came up with.Katie amazed us yet again with this awesome cake.

The party was fun and turned out great. Despite a few kinks in my day like the transmission on my mini-van started acting up so much so I couldn't drive it. I thankfully was rescued by N & P's car so I could transport us to pick up the cake, drop off Hayden(not feeling well) to Z's house, then head to MWC to decorate and pick up balloons. While at the party store Landice saw this

and said, "Hey, that looks like my Daddy!" Yikes! Definitely not. I think she meant to say I want my Daddy! Funny Girl!

Decorated, then headed back to Z's house to play some chess with my cousin, then drive back to MWC for the party. Did I mention I was not(still am not) feeling well?

Party time, bible class, then headed for home. My bed was calling my name. EXCEPT Landice decided that she had to peepee. We stopped off at Z's house again only to have L asleep. I woke her up took her to the potty. While sitting her on the potty, I heard something drop and Landice said, "My piggy!" SO, I pick up her "piggy" and think to myself "This doesn't look like a her piggy!" So, I decide to smell it. Yes, I am insane! As I am throwing her poopy in the potty she gets mad at me for throwing her "piggy" in the potty. SHe had dropped one of her little poopy's off at the wrong stop. I just had to help her's to the kiddy pool.

Had a good laugh at myself then headed towards home. EXCEPT, this

Blocked my view from Z's mailbox and this happened

Not a great day for me. I arrived home safely with one tail light intact. Hubby greets(I won't say greet is the term - Is groats a term meaning a grin when you want to choke someone's throat?) Just kidding. He gently snuggled all three sleeping babies into bed for me. Ushered this tired, sad Momma to bed with some NyQuil(I can actually take medicine now that I am not preggo or nursing...yeah!) Went to bed worried about telling of my unfortunate day to the owners of the vehicle I borrowed only to be swallowed up by the peacefulness of my bed.

Wake up this morning, great night's sleep. Feel worse. Remember I have to tell unfortunate news and return damaged goods this morning. Make Doctor's appointment for Hayden and myself. Deliver news and goods. Grace is all I have to say.

Thankful Momma. Grateful Momma.

Drop kids off at school. 2 hours at Doctors. Double ear infection for Hayden and Sinus infection for Momma. 2 Prescriptions and $115 later. We are on our way to feeling better...hopefully!

Cute pic of two cute boys!


Wa Wa Waughs said...

Great job on the 50 party! I'm sure she appreciated it! Hope you can rest up this weekend!

Lisa said...

Oh man! What a day for you! Sorry you are sick! That is NO fun! Well, hang in there...and hopefully you will feel better soon! Thanks for your comment on my post! :o) Hope to see you soon!

Gena said...

I can just see Josh's expression. I'm so sorry. That's a bummer.