Wednesday, September 30, 2009

These are the moments...

Corban: Mommy, what do Flamango's eat?
Me: Flamango's huh?!
Corban: YEah, Flamango's
Me: Honey, I am not sure what Flamingo's eat, but we can look it up after school.
Corban: I know what they eat. They eat Algeria.
Lots of laughing from me.
Corban: Yeah, when they get sick they have to eat Algeria so they will turn pink again.

Landice is currently dancing with our mop singing, "Weep, weep, weep, weep, Cinderelly's made to weep."

Yesterday, Landice's Day School teacher accidentally spilled her whole cup of iced tea on her during lunch. Her teacher was very thankful for Landice being so gracious. Instead of crying or getting mad, Landice just said, "Ohhh! Ms. Gwen! It's so cold!" Ms. Gwen kept telling Landice she was sorry. Landice being so concerned says back, "Ms. Gwen! My pants are SO wet!" I am so thankful for Landice being so forgiving!

Hayden is in full blown kicking, screeching, throwing the head back even if it is on the hard floor, grab the carseat before Mom can even think of buckling him in, arching his back to squirm away, climb in the pantry pulling out all kinds of food, but he still makes me smile when he momentarily stands in timeout with one butt cheek hanging out. I think we have too much in common. We are both ornery and cheeky!


Gena said...

I am now laughing while envisioning you standing in time out with a sagging diaper and a butt cheek hanging out. I bet it wouldn't hang so much as be fit and muscular.....