Saturday, October 17, 2009

A Day Date with Corban

My sweet little guy!

Love his kisses!

Enjoying some Lushberries Frozen Yogurt. FYI, a gift card to one of those places rocks...thanks Carolyn!
Good friend Karli and her mommy, Lisa, invited us to watch a DOUBLE feature of Toy Story 1 & 2 in 3D!

Cool 3D Shades

Lisa & Karli

Corban and I

A great time spent with my son. I won't go into how BIG of a headache I had after it was over or how Corban wandered off in the Disney store while I was checking out with super discounted Halloween costumes or how we had to forego the trip to Target for a "super duper cool toothbrush that you can turn on with batteries" that he had saved up his money to buy because he threw another spoiled rotten fit. Cause that would ruin the day or give you the impression that we as children of God never throw fits even when we are spoiled beyong measure and HE too gets frustrated with ME and my selfishness. Unfailing love is hard to grasp at times, but I am thankful.

On the way home, I decided to take an uptour. I guess uptour means going further than you would originally have to travel instead of a detour of going around construction. Okay, fine. Detour it is. We took a detour and I decided to turn off the radio and talk to Corban about his attitude. I explained that he did a great job finding someone to tell that he was lost and what his Mommy's name was so they could tell me where I knew he was. But, he needed to obey and stay close to my side because I would be very sad if someone took him away from me. In typical childish fashion, he said, "Well, Mom I am super duper fast and I can outrun those guys." This coming from the same kid who told me five minutes ago his knees weren't strong enough to walk to the car. So we drive by the Horse Farm that is just north of us and I slowed to a crawling pace and asked him to look for the horses. His attitude didn't change much until I started telling him that there were some ponies. He became very intrigued. I took this time to tell him how baby horses stay close to the mommy horses side so they could learn how to be a big horse and so on. I could tell he was listening when he then added, "And so the mommy horses can protect the baby horses from people taking them away?" Thank you God for your creation and the patience you lent me during this time. I so easily get overwhelmed by wanting to just end the discussion with "Because I am your mom and don't argue with me." Parenting - So many emotions in so little time. I am blessed. I am content. I am thankful. My cup overflows, surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life.


the.fortes said...

Wow! Well done! I seriously am impressed and I hope I can have the same talks with Cole when he is older.:)

Lisa said...

So glad we did this together! It was fun! But sounds like all the action came after we split up! Wow...glad you were reunited with Corban so quickly and you were able to "discuss" it on the way home!

Gena said...

I know exactly where this post is coming from. Having some of these same discussions!

Natalie Hudkins said...

I am so glad you took the time to write this story out. Good job staying patient. It's so hard when you want the best for them and try so hard and then they do... kid things!